What does it mean of Lift UP your face

Lift up the face?

A facelift is regarded as a surgical procedure which is usually employed so as to give one an appearance to the face that looks more youthful. It is also known as a rhytidectomy. When one decides to lift up their face, this cosmetic surgery tends to reshape ones lower one-third of their face precisely by getting rid of extra facial skin.

A precise face-lift can be regarded as being the most common way so as to get rid of or limit wrinkles appearing, as well as the sagging of ones face that happens as ones age becomes more. If you want to lift up your face, this will involve your skin being lifted precisely off your face. This is done to allow skin as well as tissues located underneath to be tightened. The skin will also be repositioned in a smooth way over your face.

There are facelift procedures which encompass the precise tightening of underlying tissues. If one wants to get the result which will be the best they can combine this precisely with various other procedures that look at ones forehead, cheeks, brows, as well as eyes. Facelifts are very popular in both males as well as females.

To lift up the face, one can follow a traditional facelift. This is when an incision gets formed in front of ones ear. This goes up into ones hair or even hairline. There is an incision which goes downward in front of ones ear, then comes beneath the ear. It then goes upward precisely behind the ear. This will then finish within the hair or even within the hairline present behind ones ear. The deeper tissues within ones face may also be tightened. Any excess skin gets removed.

These incisions may then be closed precisely with sutures as well as staples. A drain may also be put beneath ones skin behind their ear so as to be able to drain any extra blood as well as fluids. One can then let this drainage tube be taken out around one day or even two proceeding the procedure. Bandages are put after this. This is what it means to lift up your face.

Facelift can also be done by a regular healthy skincare routine with home facial that fits your skin type.  This takes longer time than a one-time cosmetic surgery to see the result but it does work on helping on anti-aging on the skin.

One can also have a neck lift which will tighten jowls that are sagging as well as loose skin which is present under ones chin. It has been seen that the incision begins in front of ones ear lobe. It then goes behind ones ear precisely to ones lower scalp.

People lift up their face so as to be able to look young by removing wrinkles, tightening ones skin, as well as lifting muscles that are sagging. Some people are able to become more confident due to this. No doubt ones face will still experience getting older, but lifting up the face will take off some years from ones face. It is not able to reverse the sun damage that has occurred on one’s skin. It also cannot get rid of all the facial wrinkles that are present around one’s eyes, underneath ones nose, plus around ones lips.

  • Jun 26, 2016
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