Skin Infection can lead to Skin Pigmentation Disorders
Skin Infection can lead to Skin Pigmentation Disorders


Skin pigmentation disorders are common skin problems. The main factor is a skin that is discoloured, due to one or more reasons. To put it simply, skin pigmentation disorders will affect the color of one’s skin. 

Melanin from special cells?

The skin gets its color from melanin, which comes from special cells in the skin.  In cases when these cells are damaged or end up becoming unhealthy, then there will be a negative impact on melanin production. As a result, this will lead to skin pigmentation disorders. This is medically referred to as Vitiligo, whereby there is a loss of pigment in the skin.

How about infections?

Although infections may be one of the factors that might lead to such a problem, there is no exact and proven cause to the destruction of these cells in the skin. Basically one should try to protect his or her skin as much as possible so as to avoid skin infections and anything that might lead to skin pigmentation disorders.

There are various Korean skin care products that can help you to maintain healthy skin. There are also several specialized products that help to treat skin issues, including dry skin with pigmentation.

Dry skin with pigmentation

Dry skin with pigmentation is generally a result of excessive exposure to the sun’s rays. It could also be the result of pregnancy, scarring, and birthmarks. Asking for advice on suitable skincare products to treat dry skin with pigmentation, according to the possible causes that led to this, is important.

Products available on can be of great help to reduce such problems as well as diminish the likelihood of skin infections.

  • Jan 15, 2018
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