Let skin breath fresh air and enjoy pamper as much as possible

Let skin breath fresh air and enjoy pamper as much as possible

Winters send people indoors, and so do rains. That leaves springs, summers and autumns for the skin to enjoy some fresh air. The skin qualifies as a breathing organ. In other words, it takes in oxygen.

Though the quantity of oxygen the skin breathes in is small, it supplements approximately 7 percent of the oxygen that is inhaled and which eventually reaches the skin through the blood stream. The best time for letting the skin breathe are of course evenings, nights, and mornings. But usually, ladies apply some night creams, which can hinder the skin from breathing oxygen directly. Therefore, it is necessary to find out if the night cream is doing more harm than good.

About Cells in the Skin

The cells in the skin, like cells elsewhere, require oxygen to absorb nutrients. Inadequate quantities of oxygen can shrivel up the skin’s cells, and eventually lead to their death. Negative signs such as the skin becoming dull, wrinkled, rough, and dry need to be avoided.

Using lotions and creams to prevent such dullness and aging signs is an expensive way of going about it. Such cosmetics do help but the repair can take a long time. Moreover, identifying the right product for the skin may also be time consuming. Opting for deep breaths and letting the skin breathe in open air for some time each day certainly does wonders. More oxygen can be supplied to the skin using oxygen skin beautifying masks. Such methods are extremely effective in winters and the rainy season. There are ionizers that can be plugged in and these tend to counteract different types of pollution common in cities, such as cigarette smoke or vehicle smoke.

  • Nov 13, 2016
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