Lack of Sleep had bad effects for your Skin

Lack of Sleep had bad effects for your Skin

Not sleeping enough? It may just start (or already is) showing on your skin!

Whenever anyone hears the term ‘skin care’, then he or she thinks of the usual concept by using the correct skin care products like creams and moisturizers, staying protective about it when in harsh and environments and so on. Only a few people also think of diet (the food they eat) and how it affects their skin, and even fewer people think, or even know about how their sleeping habits actually affect their skin- and to what extent. Even you did not pay a lot of attention to that until now, did you?

Why do you sleep, and why do you need to?

Yes - you know that the most important key point of sleeping is to rest, so that the function of the body can work properly for the next day. When you sleep, your entire body actually gets a chance to take care of itself and repair, and the same repairing cycle includes your skin as well.

So when you devoid your body of a proper sleep, you are depriving it of the chance to take of your skin as well- this means that your skin will not get repaired and you may just end up damaging it.

If you already have any skin conditions, then not sleeping enough will actually worsen these conditions. The affected skin conditions range from acne breakouts to dermatitis and even more severe conditions - everything that your skin is or may be suffering from will get a lot worse if you do not sleep properly.

Skin and sleep - the connection

When you do not sleep enough, you also increase the breakdown of hyaluronic acid and collagen in your body cells. In layman terms, these are the molecules that make your skin bounce, glow and gave it the translucent lookb- breaking down of these would mean that you are detracting your skin’s beauty.

During sleep, the hydration of your body is also rebalanced, which means that your skin recovers lost moisture and gets rid of excel moisture. Lack of sleep also disturbs this cycle, which leads to those puffy bags under the eyes as well as more prominent wrinkles and dryness.

One of the worse things that not getting enough sleep can do to you is that it can also make you look older! Yes - lack of a proper sleep also speeds up the aging process, since our body can only repair damaged cells suing the growth hormones while we sleep. This means, instead of being reversed, your cells will continue to breakdown. This is one of the biggest causes of early aging and more noticeable aging signs in most people.

So what can you do?

Therefore, this just tells you that if you are looking to have a healthy and beautiful looking skin, then sleep is one of the most important things that you can do for the same.

Again a regular skincare routine is very important but it has to go with enough resting and a healthy diet for the result.  Facial Sheet Mask will not have any result if you keep on staying up and eating junk food at the same time.

Getting a good night’s rest is not all that complicated, especially when you understand the wonders it can do for your skin. All it takes for you to get a radiant and beautiful skin is just to ensure that you rest and sleep enough every night!

  • Jul 28, 2016
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