Is Fragrance bad for skin?

Is Fragrance bad for skin?


The fragrances and scents have invaded our daily lives.  Any kind of products contain them and skin care products are not an exception.  They may artificial or naturals, but in both cases there are a variety of effects with them.


In general, fragrances are added to skin care products to cover the original smell that are not pleasant to smell.  In those cases when the ingredients result to be effective and beneficial for the skin care but are not easy to smell, the solution found has been to add fragrances.  But is it really a solution or another problem? There are many opinions and studies about this and the reality shows that sensitive skins rarely can handle fragrances well.  Other types of skin may not show visible effects in the moment, but it has been proved that ingredients of fragrances get into the body and remain into it for a long time after applying them. Even those called as “natural fragrances” sometimes include chemical agents to enhance their properties and make them soluble with products.


The effects of fragrances on the skin may include a wide range of possibilities.  The most obvious like irritations, inflammations and a variety of allergic reactions, can be easily detected; but what happens with long term effects?  Alcohol and chemicals are frequent components of fragrances and as almost everyone knows, chemical components may create some prejudicial effects in the body.  However, fragrances seem to be accepted by the majority of the customers.  But it should be seen more carefully when it comes to skin. 

Skin may result the primary area of the body that is affected, and it can be considered an excellent thermometer of the situation. However, not all of the effects can be externally detected.   The harmful ingredients penetrate the skin and can cause collagen and other natural fluids to fail and therefore the ability of the skin to heal or reduce wrinkles and dryness may be significantly reduced.   If the purpose of taking care of the skin is to protect it from damaging effects, it results tricky that products oriented to help us contain substances like fragrances.


Fragrances may also come from natural elements, this idea applies to most of Korean Skincare Products. The ingredients may have their own scent and smell or plants, herbs or fruits in natural way may add fragrances to some products.  In these cases, personal tolerance is the key. In general natural nature elements do not create negative effects.  In these cases tolerance may come skin reactions or personal needs related to smells and odors.

In fact, applying skincare with fragrance do stimulate the sense because it is proven that good fragrance like flowers natural smell do makes one's happy and feeling joyful.  So fragrance is not all bad for you, it can also drive up your emotions.


  • Sep 18, 2016
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Liz September 26, 2016

Never thought of how fragrance can stimulate my senses while doing mask! Very good article!

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