Important note about expiration date on skincare
Important note about expiration date on skincare
  • Important note about expiration date on skincare
  • (expired = reduce function only and there are no harm to your skin)

Like all products in the market, skincare products also come with an expiration date. It is natural to wonder whether the product will be of any use after the expiration date has elapsed. The doubt is valid because most of the skin care products include natural ingredients, especially extracts from plants.

These organic compounds tend to disintegrate unless some preservatives are used. But whether this rule applies to cosmetics needs to be reviewed in a bit more detail.

Basically, while it is true that organic compounds do change their nature, such deterioration in the quality of any cosmetic is not likely to come about at a rapid pace simply because these compounds are present along with other compounds in the lotion, serum, cream, etc.

In any event, the disintegration process of any pure extract also takes time, and such products become useless for consuming because of bacteria or fungi acting on them. But similar reactions are not likely on the organic compound in skin care products, because of which these can be used even beyond the day of their expiry.

The expiry date on skin care products, therefore, is only related to any gaseous or other reactions likely in the product, which may cease or come down after the specified date. Effectively the cosmetic product may not be as effective as it was initially but will continue to serve some purpose even after the specified expiry date.

The concerns that such products are likely to harm the skin if they are used after the expiry day are also unfounded because the expiry date is calculated taking into account the time when all the ingredients in the product will reach their stable stage, i.e., they will no longer be reacting. Theoretically, the date is definite, but practically, that does not happen on the exact date.

  • Sep 10, 2016
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