Importance of keeping up the moisture level of your skin
Importance of keeping up the moisture level of your skin


We are all aware of the importance of keeping the skin moisturized. However most are not aware why this is so important. In reality when the skin is properly moisturized it is in a much better position to act as a barrier against infections.

Bacteria living in cracking skin!

If we allow our skin to become very dry it can crack and break, and this will lead to bacteria living on our skin, and in turn these will cause infections. Therefore, by making sure that our skin does not dry out by keeping it properly hydrated, we will be protecting ourselves from skin infections.

Avoid inflammatory

Apart from that when keeping up the moisture level of the skin we will be less susceptible to inflammatory skin conditions. An optimal level of hydration also promotes the skin’s good look and feel, and it also enables the skin to continue carrying out its natural processes such as exfoliation.

In reality, if your skin is properly balanced and hydrated, you won’t even need products such as moisturizers. These will be of additional help, granted, but they are not indispensable.

Drinking water can hydration the skin?

Another point worth noting is that there is the misconception that when one drinks a lot of water, this will help to hydrate the skin. In reality though one cannot say that drinking water moisturizes the skin. It is evidently important to drink water, but it is not going to be related with how your skin looks and feels.

How do I check the moisture level?

Making sure the skin does not dry out too often and keep up in a balanced moisture level is very important to keep the quality of the skin.  This can be done by using the suitable moisturizer, facial mask, sheet mask, wash off mask, sleeping mask, etc.


  • Apr 16, 2017
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