I am a coffee addict, does coffee do any harm to the skin?

I am a coffee addict, does coffee do any harm to the skin?

Many people consider themselves as being addicted to coffee. Statistics show that millions of people drink coffee every day. After all, after a long hard day at work, a cup of coffee helps you get that extra energy you so desperately need. It also works wonders as you wake up in the morning and you need to get rid of all the drowsiness and sleepiness. Apart from this many people cannot go through the day without sipping a cup of coffee every hour or so.

It is a known fact that too much caffeine is not good for your health, but have you ever considered how drinking a considerable amount of coffee, every single day, could affect your skin? In reality over consumption of coffee is not good for the skin.


For starters, caffeine could lead to dehydration. Coffee is a diuretic, and it is not good for the skin to lose hydration. When your skin gets dehydrated it could lead to inflammation as well as a loss of collagen which leads to premature aging. With too much coffee the body will have a toxic build up, which in turn could lead to acne as there will be a lack of water flushing your system.

Acne Problems

If you drink coffee with a considerable amount of milk, such as lattes and cappuccinos, you are also increasing your dairy intake. This could lead to acne problems.


With your coffee you will be adding sugar or sweeteners. The intake of sugar leads to glycation, which in turn leads to inflammation. The skin will also be at risk of losing its elasticity and in time it may lead to a less luminous look.

Wait! There are also some "goods" 

Even though we talked about the worse part of coffee to the skin, it also has an good effect to the skin.  If you love drinking coffee you need to do it in moderation. Coffee has a number of positive effects on the skin, and in fact some skin care products actually even include it in their formulation.

Caffeine can in fact be used as an exfoliator, for instance. So, as a general rule of thumb it is not wrong to drink coffee daily, but it is best to stick to fewer cups a day in order to avoid the negative effects it could have on your skin.


  • Sep 19, 2017
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