How important it is to clean your pore to avoid black heads

big pores on face

Blackheads appear when the pores on the skin get filled with more sebum. Usually they appear on the nose and can easily be identified because they look like tiny black specs. While normal cleansers do help, they often leave stubborn impurities behind.

Such stubborn blackheads can be removed with different nose cleansing strips. These not only remove the blackheads, but also remove excess dirt and sebum found inside the pores so that the unclogged pores regain their original shape and the skin becomes tight.

Luke Nose Stripe

Luke, a leading brand of cosmetics, offers three different varieties of nose cleansing strips. These are made from mugwort, lemon tea tree, and charcoal nose cleaning.

Though mugwort based nose cleansing strips are effective, they are not suitable for people who have sensitive skins, especially if the skin is sensitive to latex, ragweed, honey, etc. Such people are better off with skin cleaning with charcoal based or tea tree based products.

Lemon tea tree based nose cleaning strips are suitable for people with oily skins, and those who frequently face acne problems. Cleansing strips with charcoal in them can also prevent the recurrence of blackheads.

How does those ingredient works?

Such blackhead removing and skin cleansing strips also have vitamins and other extracts obtained from various plants which are known to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation.

Vitamin E soothes the skin, and extract from Aloe Vera helps reduce inflammation. Extracts from the roots of licorice are known to reduce irritation, and pores are tightened with the help of extract from hamomelis. Therefore, Vitamin E, extract from licorice roots, extract from Aloe Vera, and some minerals are present in almost all of these blackhead removing and skin cleaning strips and products.

  • Dec 11, 2016
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