Eye patch to help avoid eye problem

Eye patch to help avoid eye problem

Paulo Coelho once said “The eyes are the mirror of the soul…” The truth is, the eyes are more than that. They also reveal a person’s sleeping patterns, and health. Lack of sleep causes dark circles around the eyes as do lack of minerals and vitamins. Excessive drinking or sleeping is the cause for puffiness under the eyes. Dullness can be because of drugs or lack of water. Finally, the dreaded wrinkles make the eyes look unattractive. Such symptoms cannot be hidden easily with make- up. However, they can be treated with products like hydrogel-eye-patches for wrinkles and puffiness.

Luke’s Hydrogel-eye patches begin by moisturizing the area, and then address the problem. There are four different types of such gels. The eye patch identified as Wrinkles red treats the wrinkles under the eyes. The puffiness around the eye, on the other hand, surfaces in the day time.

The Hydrogel eye patch specifically prepared for puffiness is known as “Eye Puffiness-Purple”, and it needs to be applied in the morning. The collagen (silver) replenishes the region around the eyes with minerals, as well as proteins, and Vitamin (Orange) provides vitamins, as the name suggests.

These patches are easy to apply near the eyes and safe for the skin as well. Simply remove the liner and apply the patch. Then wait for about half an hour before removing them.

There is also no need to rinse since the extract or chemicals on the patch are mild, and made from natural substances. Using cream or serum to hold back those chemicals completes the skin care around the eyes and ensures that the vitamins, minerals, etc., remain on the skin long enough.

  • Jan 04, 2017
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