Do not get jealous when you see flawless skin, kick start your skin care routine and work hard now

Do not get jealous when you see flawless skin, kick start your skin care routine and work hard now

Skin care is not a mandatory routine in everybody’s life, like combing hair or brushing teeth. When children are young, parents do take care of their skin, but a routine per se is not always established. Most children realize the role their skin has to play in their lives when they reach their teens. Skin care routines are hurriedly established and every cream, serum, face mask, etc., find its way in because flawless skin becomes a must for young teenagers and adults. Some of course are blessed with flawless skin, but taking such blessing for granted is also not good. The skin is a visible organ, and it needs care both internally as well as externally.

So what can you do to kick start your skin care routine? As mentioned before, there are internal and external routines.

Your skin has enemies such as:

  1. Sun’s ultraviolet rays
  2. Harsh soaps and chemicals
  3. Dirt and grime in the air because of pollution
  4. Climatic changes which steal moisture
  5. Oxidants created inside the body which disturb the normal functioning
  6. Bacteria and other microbes
  7. Age

Then again skin types differ. Some have dry skin, whereas others have oily skin. Over the years dermatologists have discovered the following antidotes to most of the problems related to the skin.

  1. Creams and lotions that prevent the sun’s rays from harming the skin;
  2. Milder soaps and face washes that do not break down the cell walls in the skin;
  3. Cleansers that clean the grime and dirt that is not normally visible and which soaps and face washes are not able to remove well enough;
  4. Moisturizers that give cells in the skin the required fluids, as it needs more than the rest of the body being constantly exposed to sun, breeze, wind, etc.;
  5. Various types of masks, foods, creams, and pills that help in reducing oxidants, and provide minerals to the skin;
  6. Various types of creams and pills that fight the microbes, fungi, etc., troubling the skin. These also reduce blemishes.
  7. Various types of creams and other formulations that prevent collagen from breaking down, or reactivate the system through which collagen is formed and cells become active once more. These also tone the skin evenly preventing dark and light patches that are often due to skin aging. Wrinkles are also prevented by such creams.


  • Aug 27, 2016
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