Let your Skin Absorb Your Skin Care Routine

Let your Skin Absorb Your Skin Care Routine

Let your Skin Absorb Your Skin Care Routine!

You might have noticed that when you apply something as a skin care product, three things could happen

  • First : the product readily gets absorbed and vanishes.
  • Secondly some portion is absorbed while the rest is still felt on the skin or the third thing is that it wouldn’t absorb at all and stay on the skin as a coat until ad less you wash it off.

Why this occurs? The answer is that, our skin is made up of some layers and these layers have membranes which allow special particle sizes and ingredients to let in .Those particles which are gleefully welcomed by the skin layers are absorbed readily but particles with larger dimension or some unique consistency have to take some indirect route to get absorbed. It could be understood as.

The skin care products like serum, lotion, essence and others are applied on the superficial layer of skin known as stratum corneum or epidermis while the subsequent layers are termed as hypodermis and dermis. There are two terminologies which have to be interpret while learning about the skin absorption these are

  • permeable: meaning allowing to let the particle pass
  • Impermeable: not allowing the parties to pass through them.

 Skin has a unique nature that for some particle it acts as a permeable membrane but for others it remains impermeable. This permeability alsoinvolves the oil and water ratio of the skin care product. The epidermis is an oil loving layer so instantly absorbs the oil based skin care products but the layers sitting under the stratum corneum are water loving compounds which does not allow oil to move deeper. To encounter such barriers cosmetologists have prepared emulsifying  agent that is a blend of oil and water and is transported through the skin layer easily for example Lotions contain more emulsifiers, that is why they are preferred over cream, as lotions are absorbed readily ,leaving no greasy effect on the face.

Korean skin care routine which has become the talk of the town is based on the amount of product absorption as these cosmologists believes that more the absorption more will be the benefit .The whole ten step skin care routine follow the absorption principle and the general rule is that more the product is watery, itwill absorb quickly from the epidermis. It should be then allowed a good length of time to get absorbed; therefore a 15 to thirty seconds break is given in the Korean skin care regimen for each step. Special procedures like patting your face with fingers for uttermost absorption and preparation of innovative formulations as essence which has the feature of instant absorption are the foundations of Korean skin care regimen as they believe that the product has to be absorbed deep in the kin layer to produce its effect.

Skin 18 has exhibited many excusive Korean skin care formulations which works after optimum absorption, therefore special ingredients are added to the product for complete absorption

Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet Aloe: here layers of cellulose provide essence deep into skin.  Increases skin absorption potential.

Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 90% Toner: specially approved by CCOF(California Certified Organic Farmers) which has real 90% of the aloe provides freshness and fast absorption.

Ben & Sera 7 Days Whitening Miracle Project Serum :This product claims that Choosing a single skin care product with good ingredient that will get the product to absorbed up to the deep down of your skin which is the best way for your skin.

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