Do not keep the same Skincare routine, change it from time to time

Do not keep the same Skincare routine, change it from time to time

Knowing when to change your skin care regime

The key to having a skin-care routine that works is knowing how to balance it with every factor that affects your skin. Many people do not understand that taking care of their skin is not just about using the right soap, creams and face wash- it is understanding what your skin needs depending on the external and internal factors. While there are some things that you can control, there are some that you cannot- which makes it even more important to stay in control of what you can. When it comes to skin care, you can only have an effective routine if you know when to change it.

The need for change

As the weather changes, so does what it can does to your skin, and thus the need to adopt a routine that suits the weather as well. While in summers, the need of the hour (as far as your skin is concerned) is to protect it from sun by using anti-tan face washes, sunscreens and so on, the need in winters is to keep it hydrated and protect it from any kind of dryness. Similarly, your sleep, diet and a variety of other factors together combine to decide what kind of skin-care routine you must have. Here is a roundup of some of those which you must make a careful note of and how should you adjust according to them.

The weather

The weather is amongst the prime factors that you must take into account while selecting a skincare routine. For instance, in winters, you need to regularly use some exfoliator for removing the dull and dead skin from your face. This will help your moisturizer to work better and keep your skin hydrated. Also, it is important to use products without too much fragrance, else you may end up irritating your dry skin.

In the summer, being tanned or sunburn is more of a worry. To prevent that, you will need a sun block with a good SPF- all of this depends upon the harshness of the sun at your place. Additionally, if you do get tanned, then using a good tan-removing face wash may just be the right thing for you. 

Your sleep cycle and routine

If you did not already know, then you must now understand that how much you sleep and to what extent greatly affects the health of your skin. If you are sleeping erratically or too less, then it will show on your face in the form of dark circles and increased aging. This is when you will need to modify your skin-care regime to take care of such signs as well- especially in the form of anti-ageing facial sheet masks and moisturizing lotions.

Apart from this, the weather, your diet and many other factors also play a role into what kind of skin care regime you need to follow. Only when you take all of these into account will you be able to have a skin that you have always wanted!   

  • Apr 12, 2016
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