Overview of Aging skin

Overview of Aging skin

Overview of Aging skin

When we start to age, the skin also starts to change and age with us. You can notice dryness, age spots as well as wrinkles. The skin thins out and it losses some of the fat which allows it to stay smooth and plump. If your skin is damaged at this stage, it can take even longer to be able to heal the way it should.

Ione of the main causes of the aging of skin is actually sunlight. It is possible to protect your own skin from the sun and most especially when it is very strong. . You can use sunscreen or protective clothing. Abound tanning beds as well as sunlamps. Smoking cigarettes can also contribute to wrinkles in a very great w ay. Wrinkling will usually increase with the number of cigarettes that you may have smoked in a lifetime.

There are lots of products at skin18.com that can be used to reduce wrinkles and to revitalize the skin that has started aging. There are various treatments that can be used so as to sooth your skin as it seems to be a bit dry when it starts aging. Age spots can also be reduced by choosing the very best approach to deal with it.

Understanding aging skin

Changes in the skin as a result of aging are a common condition and a development which usually occurs in human beings as we grow older. The skin changes are very visible especially because the skin is the uppermost organ and the first thing people see when they get to look at us. The other very obvious sign that we are aging is the graying or whitening of the hair.

Aging changes in the skin are a group of common conditions and developments that occur as people grow older.

The skin has many roles including:

  • It has some nerve receptors which allow you to react to stimuli including pressure, pain and touch
  • It helps to control fluids within the body and giving an electrolyte balance
  • It helps in the regulation of the body temperature
  • It protects the rest of the body from external factors that can be quite adverse

The skin has got lots of layers but these can be divided into epidermis which is the outer part that has proteins, pigments and skin cells; the dermis which is the middle part that has oil glands, hair follicles, nerves and blood vessels and also provides nutrients to the epidermis; the inner later is called the subcutaneous layer which has fat, blood vessels, hair follicles and sweat glands.

Every layer has got connective tissues tghat have collagen fibers that support it. There are also the elastin fibers that give your skin its strength and flexibility.

Causes of changes to the skin

There are various factors that lead the skin to start aging and they are related to things such as nutrition, genetic makeup, environmental factors and so many others. The greatest factor that causes the skin to age is the exposure to sun. When you compare different areas within the body that are exposed to sun and the ones that are not, you will note some significant differences.

The verdict

At one point or the other, we all get old. However, we shouldn’t be in a rush to hurry the process and we should let it take its due course in the way that it is supposed to. Projecting your skin from different adverse elements such as the UV rays of the sun can go a long way. Well, no one can complain if the aging process is delayed for as long as possible. This too is possible with the use of the most ideal products that contain the right ingredients in them.

It is important that we be careful what we apply on our skins so as to be able to avoid any bad things befalling the skin. With so many products available today and even in online stores, you need to find a trusted distributor that can get you the products that have already been tested on real skin and proven to work. Skin18.com has got a very wide variety of such products that can help with the skin delaying the whole aging process. The products in themselves aren’t adequate. You need to check what you eat. Eat healthy foods that will further boost the skin. Also, you need to keep your whole body hydrated as this may reflect on the skin.

Know your skin type and introduce a beauty regimen to follow faithfully so as to get the best results at all times.

You need to take care of the skin and at skin18.com; you can find the best products to do this.

Some of the best are:

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