Expiration date notice - How long does a freshly made moisturizer, sheet mask or skin care product last

Expiration date notice - How long does a freshly made moisturizer, sheet mask or skin care product last

Knowing when it is time to throw away that skin-care cream

Everyone has been there at least once or twice - you really like that special beauty product, but are thinking if you should throw it or not as it is expired, since it has already crossed its ‘best-before’ or expiry date. You will have to throw it away someday, right?  However, is today the day or not?  Well, if you too are caught in this dilemma of weather skincare, products go bad or not, then it is time you did something to learn something more about it.

One of the biggest questions that people have about skin care products is what is their lifetime or expiry period?  Usually the life time is 2 years to 3 years starting from factory production date.  It is always the safe period for the markup date;  for example, factory always play safe by marking the date early to avoid troubles.  Unlike medicines and food items, understanding the expiry date or ‘best-before’ period of skin-care products needs a different approach, and if you too are looking to grasp the same, then continue reading.

The different between ‘expiry date’ and ‘best before’

Often, the common view is that skin-care and beauty products do not expire that early. Lotion, cream and skin care serum are all items with rich nutrition, their nutrition will gradually goes down when it is reaching, reached or passed the expiration date. In case you do use an expired lotion, then it may not really be that much of a cause for worry since it will not harm your skin but then it is still important that you understand what those dates on your bottle really mean, however.

The expiry-date on your product is the date beyond which, you simply must not use it and throw it away. Using any product beyond its expiry date does not mean that you are risking irritation, blemishes or skin infections, but the quality of the product will obvioiusly decrease. In case of the ‘best by’ date, you will have a little less risk, since this date generally indicates the period beyond which it may not be as good as performing its original function.

The bottom line here is that you need to understand that eventually, all beauty and skin care products do expire. It is not recommend to use products that are expired but if there is only 1-2 months different - use it now.  These products have preservatives over them that only long for a finite period. The moment you open the lid of the product, you will expose it to quite a bit of bacteria, and when you touch it with the tip of your finger, you will expose it to a bit more of such bacteria. These will eventually make the product go bad, and after some time, you may start to realize that it is time to throw it.  If the case is how you had never open the product before the expiration and the expire date is only 1-2 months from "now", it should have less risk to use it "now".

How to realize that your beauty product is not all that beautiful now

The first signs of your product having gone bad would be that it would be oddly colored, lumpy or even runny. Most creams separate or start developing weird odors, and when you come across any such signs on yours, it will be time to throw them away. The rule of thumb for products with water is that they last the shortest, while those without any water (like powders) last the longest. You will also need to be wary of products listed as ‘preservative-free’ since these will go bad the fastest.

While knowing what products are best for you is important, knowing what products have still not crossed their ‘best-before’ date prior to using them is even more important!

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Maria khalid March 23, 2016

Really nice post to understand the difference between expired and best before. Thanx ?

Natalie March 25, 2016

I never really check expiration date, and i like this quote – Using any product beyond its expiry date does not mean that you are risking irritation, blemishes or skin infections, but the quality of the product will obvioiusly decrease.

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