Helping Dehydrated Skin

Helping Dehydrated Skin

Helping Dehydrated Skin

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Dehydrated skin cannot be called a skin type but it is a condition of one’s skin. It is not a condition that discriminates oily, combo or dry skin as all people can suffer from this. However, it can be made worse by different topical skin care as well as the lifestyle that6 we choose to live including things such as smoking and drinking.

It is quite hard to describe the dehydrated skin because it occurs in many people in different ways. You may be able to tell that you have dehydrated skin of it is dull, looks tired, sallow or appears lackluster. When dehydrated skin is pulled, it seems taut and it can also wrinkle a little. Dehydrated skin is not able to bounce back and it is more prone to blackheads, bumps as well as acne. It soaks up the moisturizer but looks oily in some parks and yet very hard like bone in others.

Things to consider

There are various things that you can consider when you suspect that your skin is dehydrated. The very first thing is the moisture content. Take adequate water every day but this doesn’t mean tghat you chug the water till you feel like a kiddie pool. 4 to 6 glasses a day need to be just enough.

Another thing is the environment. Consider how much moisture surrounds the skin and what the skin has to take up that moisture. In the dryer environments to those with dry skin, you should invest in a moist humidifier which needs to be cleaned so as to allow the room not to feel too clammy. This makes a great difference to how the skin feels around you.

You also have to pay attention to the cosmetics that you are using on the skin and the most important thing is the ingredients that have been used to make them. Make sure you use ingredients that can aid in the holding of moisture to your skin like squalene, hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

Glycerin is very popular and it is easy to recognize. It is a very common humectant. You should apply it straight even though you can add some bit into the moisturizer that you use if it needs to be boosted. Don't add too much because glycerin can be a bit sticky.

Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that is derived naturally and it is able to hold over 1000 times its own weight when in water. It is thin and light and it is not sticky. It is mostly used in serums but more and more manufacturers are using it in lotions and creams. It can be applied to the skin that is damp during the water soluble phase. A rich moisturizer should also be used after the hyaluronic acid has been applied.

There are people who claim that this acid makes them feel dry. This means that you should test it first before you settle for it.

Squalene is the other ingredient that you should look out for. It is an organic compound that is very natural and it is usually taken from olives.

The verdict

After everything is said and done, it is very obvious that ingredients are everything when it comes to caring for our skins. Read through the label and known exactly what you are bargaining for buy choosing a certain product over others.

There are so many products that are available on our shelves today and some can cause more damage than good to our skins. When you are aware of what to look out for, you will never go wrong.

It is also very important to deal with any skin issues in a timely manner so as to avoid any bigger issues arising from that same skin. The skin is the most visible organ in our bodies and it can either be pleasing to look at or not. It is important to know that when the skin is dehydrated, it may mean your body is dehydrated too and may need that water boost soon. Taking care of the skin and nourishing the whole body with nutrients from various sources is the ideal way in which you can always look radiant and so a attractive to all those who come across you.

When you have great skin, you are able to stand out from the crowd and get compliments and nods everywhere you go. Being appreciated by fellow humans can be a great step in boosti9ng your own personal self-esteem. When you are sure that you have dehydrated skin, take action immediately and avert what may be the start of a serious issue.

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