Useful tips for oily skin

Useful tips for oily skin

Useful Tips for Oily Skin

Oily skin is becoming an epidemic of sorts. Most people suffer from skin issues related to oily skin. Before we discuss how to care for oily skin, let us take a brief look at the reasons for skin to be oily.

From your family


As such there are several reasons that cause skin to be oily, the top most amongst them is genetics. If having oily skin runs in the family, then the likelihood of you having an oily skin too is also high.

Seasonal Changes

Another reason is seasonal changes. We all know that skin secretes more oil when it’s hot and humid but even in the dry season, when the skin feels dehydrated, the sebaceous gland increase the production of sebum to over compensate the loss of it due to dry weather. Then there are also certain medications that cause the skin to be excessively oily as they alter the hormone levels in the body.


Stress is another very big contributor to oily skin. When in stress the body produces extra androgen hormones, which in turn increase the production of oil on our skin. Contrary to popular belief, getting tanned may seem to dry out skin on the surface level but internally it actually injures the skin and as a result of that the sebaceous glands produce excess oil to protect the skin.

Overuse of Makeup

Finally over use of makeup and use of incorrect skin care products are big reasons for skin to become oily. Using the correct skin care products, of good quality, is of extreme importance not only to check the oiliness but also to enhance the quality of the skin.

Reduce oil factory by having a proper skin care regime

Having a proper skin care regime in place will help reduce the oil factor; however it is extremely important to use products that are good for your skin. Korean skin care products are well known world over for their effectiveness. A proper routine of washing, toning and moisturizing on a regular basis can go a long way in keeping your skin healthy.

There are some well-known Korean products that will help you achieve a healthy skin.

Face Wash

  • Grinif Tea Tree Cleaning Foam Cleanser – This cleanser made from tea tree extracts gently cleanses the skin and pores without robbing it off its moisture.
  • Banila Co. - Clean it ZERO resveratrol (for oily skin) - This is a bestselling cleanser which is in sherbet form when you scoop it, but melts into an oil-type makeup and residue remover as you massage it over your skin.
  • Grey Melin Pore Heating Gel - helps remove blackheads that form in open pores and then graduate into pimples. This get should be used only once a week. Apply a little on your face after cleansing and drying it. Massage on to skin for 3 to 4 minutes and then wash off.


After cleansing, toning is must.

Always apply a toner on a washed face with the help of cotton wool.


Finally the last step of moisturizing.


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