Handling Dry Skin with Pigmentation

Handling Dry Skin with Pigmentation


Dry Skin with Pigmentation

There are so many skin issues that we can face and one of the most common is dry skin. There are different ways that you can be able to deal with this. The dry skin can be made even worse if it comes with pigmentation that makes it even trickier to handle.

Pigmentation can bring about very significant distress due to the appearance of dark spots which appear on the hands, the face and all other body parts that are visible and exposed to the sun. It can be very difficult to handle the pigmentation and if the skin is dry, it can actually be worse.

Pigmentation comes as results of overproduction of melanin. You will see darkened patches that are flat on the skin and they can actually be of different colors and sizes which make it even more distressing.

Why it happens

Dry skin with pigmentation can occur because of exposure to the sun. They appear on the areas of our bodies that are exposed to the sun most times and this can include the face. Although they can be small, they can be really annoying.

One other reason why you can suffer from pigmentation is if you are pregnant. The mask of pregnancy, called chloasma affects 90% of the pregnant women and it comes because of different hormonal differences that come when one is pregnant.  Birth control oils can also cause some dark and irregularly shaped areas on the arms and face and these can be very large at times.

Freckles can occur on the face because of exposing your skin to the sun.

There is also the post inflammatory pigmentation which happens when the skin is injured or when trauma heals leaving a flat and dry area that is discolored. It is common with those who suffer from acne although some cosmetic procedures can occur.

Other factors cause the skin to be darker and they include birthmarks, scarring, actinic keratosis, solar and skin cancers but this can’t be categorized as pigmentation.

If you have dry skin with discoloration, it may help to speak to a dermatologist so as to ascertain what is causing it.

How to deal with dry skin with pigmentation

There are different ways that can be employed so as to handle dry skin with pigmentation. You may first start by limiting the amount of time that you are outdoors and exposed to the sun. If you need to be outside, make sure that you sue clothing that is protective.

There are various means in which you can be able to take care of your dry pigmented skin. One available way is to sue different chemical peels. It is however important to note that chemicals are actually sued ion the making of such peels and they may not be as safe.

If you want, you an also settle for laser treatment. Here you skin is exposed to light so as to heal. The technique iused here is called zapping. Even though the dermatological treatments can be relatively invasive and expensive, they tend to show a very high success rate especially in the dark skinned persons.

The alternative

To be able to take care of your skin, you will need to take some time exploring and understating your own skin. You can be able to use different products tghat can assist with the dry and pigmented skin.

There are ma y products that have entered into the market with claims hat they can work very wee. Sometimes thus is a way of getting new clients.

One of the things that you can note is the fact that most of the products that are stocked in skin18.com are very genuine and they are able to offer great results. You should first understand you skin and get to know the root cause of your dry and pigmented skin so as to know the right option.

At skin18.com, there are list of products that you can choose to use on the skin so as to provide the much needed screen to the skin which will moisturize the dry skin and also reduce the possibility of pigmentation occurring. You can be able to use these products to stop any darks spots and prevent them from getting worse. The different products at skin18.com have been tested and are proven to work really well.

Having a beauty regimen can really help in the caring of the skin and when you are well aware of your skin needs, you will be able to nurture it and have results that are simply amazing.  Some of the best products that you can but at skin18.com include:


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