Useful tips for trouble skins

Useful tips for trouble skins

Useful Tips for Troubled Skin

When we talk about troubles skin we are basically referring to skin that is sensitive in nature, One that reacts to foreign elements very quickly. Sensitive or troubled skin is not considered a proper skin type. However skin that is overly sensitized does require care and treatment totally different from the regular skin types. There are multitudes of reasons for ones skin to be sensitive. A skin could be diagnosed sensitive because of some medical condition you might be suffering from like psoriasis, eczema etc. this type of skin is hyper sensitive to a number of environmental triggers. Many a times our skin gets sensitive due to prolonged and exposure to certain elements due to our occupation, for e.g. hair dyes or latex gloves. Also many a times prolonged exposure to the sun or extreme cold climates can heighten skin sensitivity.  And as always, not taking proper care of your skin and over use of certain skin products can also sensitize your skin. Shaving in men is known to create rashes and leave that area red and sensitive. Therefor use of good products is always advisable and very important. Age and gender are also known to effect skin sensitivity.  Sensitive skin or troubled skin is on the rise due to growing modern life style conditions.

Sensitive skin needs extra care. It is always advisable to treat sensitive skin with natural products then store bought chemical products. A huge reason for skin sensitivity is that the exposure of skin to an antigen, which basically means, the body creates antibodies to fight any substance that it think is foreign to it, thus resulting is rashes and itching etc. Korean products are best known to tackle skin sensitivity issues. Listed below are a few reputed and well recommended products that are known to treat troubled skin.

This is an aloe vera based soothing gel type mist. It protects the skin from external environment that could prove harmful for it. For sun tanned skin, the vitamins C, E and mineral ingredients from the aloe vera, sooth the skin gently. This is too prayed on the face whenever one feels their skin required moisture care. Always read safety directions given along with the products carefully to prevent any harmful results.                        

The avocado extract used in this product adds high moisture and nutrition to the skin. It is so rich in mineral and vitamins that it leaves your face looking glowing and youthful. It is recommended for sensitive skin as it can replenish any lost hydration or moisture from the skin. This mask should be applied to the skin after thorough cleansing and applying toner. It needs to be left on the face for 15 to 20 minutes or till its contents are well absorbed by the skin, finishing off with a good massage.

This natural looking BB cream acts as an anti-wrinkle cream with whitening and sun protection.

 There are products that was created JUST FOR sensitive skin:

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