Are you a senior in your sixties Skin care matters, seriously!
Are you a senior in your sixties Skin care matters, seriously!

When you are into the sixth decade of your life, your skin will have different needs altogether. Sagging skin extends beyond the jawline, your skin seems to have an insatiable need for moisturizers, the skin pores are open and slackening, and the most noticeable of all, are the wrinkles. But the good news is that by using good skin care products, you can still replenish lost nutrients, make your skin more elastic, and increase its moisture content. Take care, though, and use seasoned skin care products that will be gentle on your sensitive skin.

The most important aspect that needs to be addressed is the production of collagen. Our body produces collagen, which is an essential protein that keeps the skin supple, firm, and strong. Collagen also helps improve your skin tone, refresh and rejuvenate skin. More pertinently, collagen fills in wrinkles and diminishes appearance of fine lines. It is no wonder that skin care products with collagen are highly recommended for people in their sixties. Skin18 offers many such products fortified with collagen.

Four Season Collagen Lifting Wrinkle Care Intensive Mask (Anti-wrinkle function) is an anti-wrinkle functional sheet mask that has pure essence derived from natural Marine Collagen. This provides nutrition to the skin and renders it firm and radiant. Soluble collagen is a major structure that is the basic frame work of skin cells. Wrinkles are formed only when collagen breaks down. The collagen mask promotes collagen synthesis and prevents wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated. Green tea extract acts as an astringent and promotes blood circulation. Purslane extract has an exceptional skin soothing effect for sensitive skin. It also has a tightening effect on the pores. The mask sheet suits all skin types and is free from chemicals such as talc, mineral oil, Petrolatum, artificial dyes, and sodium lauryl sulfate.

skin18 suggest the whole Four Season series:

Other visible changes that cause concern are the fine lines and dark circles around the eyes. There is puffiness in the eyes too. Fortunately, Skin18 has the perfect solution for these problems.

Innisfree Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence is a Wrinkle spot essence containing the autogenic power of Jeju's natural sea plantA spot essence rich in vitamins and minerals of Jeju's natural sea mustard and gulfweed that strengthens skin barrier.  The effectiveness of this product is how It helps reduce wrinkles.

One of the earliest anti-aging products in the market incorporated retinol, a Vitamin A compound. This Vitamin is proven to be capable of neutralizing the free radicals found in the cells of skin. Break down of these skin cells causes wrinkles, rough skin, age spots and all other signs of aging. It is highly recommended to use skin care products that use retinol, and Skin18 has one such unique product.

Mediheal 2 Step Wrinkle Minus Smart Tox Mask is a special mask that aims to solve problems associated with aging such as drooping, low elasticity, and wrinkles. With potent ingredients such as retinol, peptides, sea grape extract, and adenosine, the mask works wonders on your skin by giving it a lift, controlling wrinkles, and giving a youthful glow!

A special serum notes for 60's are series from Ben & Sera, their products are very special that it is Colorless, transparent, slightly viscous fluid and their main gimmick is to create products that come with improvement of facial skin with re-activating stem cell concept.

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