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Are you in your forties? Look at the ingredients, not the price!

Are you in your forties? Look at the ingredients, not the price!

Are you in your forties? Look at the ingredients, not the price!

When you are forty, the skin starts changing, visibly. Those cute crinkles that appeared beside your eyes when you laughed are becoming permanent fixtures, and it is no joking matter! Your ever oily skin seems to get dry and rough to touch with every passing day. Dark spots and uneven skin tone appear all over, and to make matters worse, there appear dark circles under your eyes. The complexion is dull, the glow and bounce is gone…the list is endless! The good news is that you can still be in control. With a few well-chosen Korean skin care products from Skin18, you can age gracefully.

This is the age when women start having hormone-related problems such as premenopausal dryness of skin and acne. There are effects of sun damage that cause splotches and hyperpigmentation. In this stage, it is more important to look at the ingredients of your skin care product than to look at the price. It is prudent to use a few natural and proven products than to go for a plethora of new products with a list of unpronounceable chemical names on them!  In short, you have to learn to understand those chemicals and what do they do to your skin - a basic knowledge on skin care ingredient is very important.

Here is a recommended daily routine:

  •  Cleanser: Use a gentle, creamy, cleanser in the morning and night. It is very important to cleanse your face off the dirt and grime accumulated through the day with a mild cleanser. That will take care of the dead cells and make the skin look smoother and softer. It will also get the skin prepared for better use of your other cosmetics.
    • Grinif Tea Tree Cleaning Foam Cleanser (Moisturizing & Pore Care): This is ideal cleaning foam with oil and also moisture balance control and suggested for cleaning the pore. The formulation includes the extracts of Tea tree, Aloe Vera leaf, witch hazel and Shea butter. This natural and foaming cleanser rids your skin of the dirt at pore level.
  • Serum and Moisturizer: In your forties, look for ingredients that are rich sources of antioxidants. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are also helpful in stimulating collagen production. Skin18 has an extensive range of serums and moisturizers. Choose one according to your skin type.
    • Grinif Vitamin Ace Moisture Serum: This is the serum formulated for the ultimate protection and anti-aging of your skin. It provides hydration and nourishment at the pore level and gives you a healthier skin. It has rose hip fruit oil and Yusu extract that supply Vitamin C in abundance. The serum also revitalizes skin, clarifies the spots, and has a whitening effect on the skin. It slows down aging of the skin and keeps it elastic and glowing. The product is free of Paraben.
  • Sleep Packs: Being in the forties can be quite stressful. It is a great idea to have a regular night-time routine to treat your skin with the goodness of natural ingredients even as you sleep.
    • Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack - A sleeping pack with the organic Jeju fresh green tea to keep your skin moisturized and clear while sleeping!2014 New Upgrade. More moisture and more refreshing with the organic Jeju green tea & green tea seeds.

Lastly but most importantly, read your ingredient - understand what does all ingredient has what result on your face instead of buying by looking at its price or packaging only.  Read skin18's blog under special ingredient section to find out more.



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