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Going on 30s? Time to try and test Skin care products!

Going on 30s? Time to try and test Skin care products!

If your twenties could be called a turbulent period for your skin, with pimples, acne, clogged pores, and tired eyes, then the thirties cannot be that difficult, right? Yes and no. Though your skin is more ‘settled’ in your thirties, it does get duller around this period. There is a proliferation of dead skin, and this makes your general skin texture sluggish. Skin starts losing its youthful luminosity and elasticity. Is there any way you can stop, or at the least, slow down this deterioration? Mercifully, Yes! Skin18 has a number of products based on the proven Korean skin care regimen to address these issues.

Home, career, and parties – they are an intrinsic part of your life when you are in your thirties. With so many things demanding your attention, you may not be able to give your skin the attention it needs! So, here is a check list of the essential things you need to do so that your skin keeps its youthful glow.

  • Product from Innisfree is based on the traditional Korean secret of using fermented matter for treating skin to get glowing returns! There are a wide range of benefits for the skin like anti-aging and protection from infections, because of the antioxidant content of wine and the other natural plant extracts. So, peel off dead skin cells and brighten up your skin.
  • Are you always on the go? Too busy to spend time applying creams on your face? The perfect time-saving solution is the Mist. It is a multi-functional beauty product that not only brightens and soothes skin instantly, but also detoxifies and protects your skin. You can be assured of the Aloe gel working its magic. Make sure you have a Mist handy. Anytime, anywhere!
  • Do the rigors of work keep you outdoors for hours? If you spend a considerable amount of time under the glare of sun, you are better off using the sunscreen + BB cream. There is a delightful combination of a Primer and a BB cream, but is lighter and moister than the regular foundation. It adheres to the skin and covers up wrinkles and pores. At the same time, it moisturizes and clears the skin texture for long-lasting makeup. It uncannily matches your skin tone, gives a smooth-feel to the skin, and makes it shine like it did in good younger days! And, it keeps sun spots at bay. Could you ask for more?
  • Sun care finishing is another must-have for energetic people who thrive on outdoor life. This color correction cream conceals minor blemishes on the skin and also controls excessive shine. Use this product as the final step of your daily skin care routine. Apply liberally on the parts that are likely to be exposed to UV radiation like your face, neck, arms, and legs. Be smarter when you are under the sun, and take years off your skin!


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