How do I take care of my Oily Skin

How do I take care of my Oily Skin

How do I take care of my Oily Skin?

When you have an oily skin, it is going to have too much shine whenever you finish cleansing and the pores may be enlarged. You are going to be prone to whiteheads, blackheads and pimples compared to other types of the skin which may be coarser in their nature.

When you have an oily skin, you are going to get more dirty compared to dry skin and it is good if you wash your face at least twice by using warm water with non-foaming cleanser.  You should rinse yourself by the user of warm water. You should use a hydrating toner which is alcohol free so that you may remove the entire residue you have on your skin. Oil blotting sheets used within the day is going to help you in controlling of the shine and it is going to take little time. Even if your skin is oily, it is good to moisturize it using the right oil. If you do not do this, the skin is going to get dry underneath since it will try to compensate for producing much oil. You can use the oil like a pre-cleanser and you may use a foam cleanser which is going to help since using oily to oily skin is going to be the best way that you may protect the skin so that it cannot get rid of natural oil by using harsh cleanser.

The following are simple tips that can help you to take good care of the oily skin

  • You should wash the face twice within the day, when you wake up and before you go to bed. When you wash your face many times, you are going to reduce the natural moisturizer and it is going to make even more oil.
  • Only use gentle cleanser and if you wish to use something which is stronger, look if the ingredients were made to be used on the oily skin or acne.  Or you can try to use cleansing bar (soap) instead.
  • When you try out different types of cleansers so that you can learn about what it is going to work better for you, you should keep the notebook and write down the date and the type of the cleanser you are using so that you will be able to know what worked or which did not work in your case. When you find that a certain product irritates you, you should note it down so that you do not use it again.
  • You should not scrub the face since it may lead to more oil production
  • When you are using the toner, you should use it on the places which have more oil like on the nose or on the forehead.  When you use it on the area which are not oily, using toner may lead to dry patches.
  • Use a blotting paper or a medicated pad to get rid of the excessive oil
  • When you want to use the makeup, look for these that have powder, liquid and gel bases. When you use the makeup based on the liquid, ensure that it is based on water but not oil. Also look for the ingredients which are not going to clog the pores.
  • For mask, it is always good to use facial mask to balance your oil level.  For oily skin, it is better to use a combination of wash off mask and sheet mask.
  • Nov 23, 2015
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