How do I Take Care of my Dry Skin?

 How do I Take Care of my Dry Skin?Dry skin does have a low level of the sebum and they may be prone to the sensitivity. The skin may come with the parched look and this makes it hard to stay with the moisture for a long period. Sometime it may feel tight or uncomfortable when you wash yourself unless you have some types of skin cream or moisturizer applied on you. Cracking and chapping is the sign that you have too dehydrated and dry skin.

To take care of your dry skin you should do the following

  • Maintain the natural oil: the body can produce the oils in natural way and you should keep the skin protected so that it should not dry out. But, you need to do such things within the day and to remove the natural oils. The threat to the natural protection of your skin is how you bathe. The soaps that remove oil away from the skin or using hot water is putting your skin at the risk. You should use low temperature and you should use the soaps which contain the moisturizers and which are marked to be for the sensitive skin. It is also good if you do not bathe too long or too often. These two are going to wash away the natural oil on your skin. Only shower for 15 minutes and do not shower more than one time within a day
  • If you have to exfoliate, do it gently: when you exfoliate the skin, it is going to remove the dry skin, to prevent infection and it allows the moisturizing product to be able to absorb in a proper way. You should not try to exfoliate many times and leave alone sensitive place. It is not good to use harsh exfoliant like pumice stone and loofah. You may use clean washcloth and baking soda paste.
  • When you have a dry skin, you have to be careful about how you dry it. When you use vigorous rubbing it may irritate the skin and it is going to remove too much oil or moisture. This may lead to the dryness which may make the existing problem even worse. You can air dry when it is possible or you can pat the body using a soft and clean towel.
  • Use moisturizer: when you finish to bathe or when you get the skin wet, you have to use a moisturizer so that the moisture can be locked inside your body and to get back natural oils which you removed. Such basic layer will not be required to be thick and using a basic layer is going to make a difference.
  • Use a thicker layer during the night: while you are able to, use a thicker layer of the product during the night and cover such area with the clothing in order to protect such product. This makes it easy and it gives more time for the skin to absorb the product. Some of the products stain so you should use the clothing that you do not worry even if they stain.
  • Nov 17, 2015
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