Skincare Routine – The Korean Daily Ritual

Whenever there is a discussion about skin care or cosmetics or healthy skin, the talk invariably veers towards Korean products and, you guessed it – Korean daily skin care regimen. Merely thinking of the now-famous skin maintenance schedule is too much for many to even fathom! But for Korean women, this is just a natural process, a daily routine – like brushing the teeth! Skin18, with its array of well –tested and proven skin care products and cosmetics, is all set to provide you with a taste of the Korean regimen, which is sure to leave your skin tingling with a youthful glow!

Though it may sound long –winded and cumbersome to the uninitiated, the Korean skin care routine is actually simple. It is methodical and thorough, and consequently, the results show! Here is a gist of the famous and highly regarded Korean skin treatment.

  1. Clean with Oil Cleanser: The very first step is to remove the remnants of your make-up with an oil cleanser. This is important for all types of skin and removes traces of sebum and dirt as well. This is the primary process. 
  2. Clean with a Foam Cleanser: This is the next part of double cleansing. Foaming cleanser removes all water –based impurities such as sweat. Cleomee Donkey Milk Snowy Foam Cleansing has 10.6% of milk and has been proven to be highly beneficial to skin. Donkey milk is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Selenium that are good in preventing aging of skin.
  3. Exfoliator: This is used for removing dead skin cells by scrubbing and renews your skin. complexion.
  4. Toner: Its function is to soften, moisturize and prepare your skin to absorb the serums and essences that will follow in the next step. Toner also helps maintain a healthy pH balance after the use of cleansers. 
  5. Essence: This is used for skin regeneration. The active ingredient in the essence optimizes the natural cell -turnover rate of your skin.
  6. Serum: This is much more concentrated version of an essence. It is thicker in consistency. There are different serums for specific skin issues. It's skin It’s Skin Power 10 Formula has series of more than 10 kinds of serum that serve different purposes - Brightening, Anti-aging, Whitening, Nutrition, Nutrition, Pores Care, Skin tone improvement, moisture, elasticity or anti-wrinkles. Another amazing hidden brand is Ben & Sera Ampoula which has Anti-wrinkle, Whitening and Moisturizing effect on your skin in 7, 15 or 30 days.
  7. Sheet Mask: Sheets are soaked in the natural ingredient essence and placed on your face so that the essence seeps into the pores. There are night masks that hydrate your skin through the night, skin18 carries so many different kinds of sheet mask to be selected from and those are listed as follow catalog:

This is the basic skin care regimen that has worked marvelously for the Koreans through ages, and it is all set to be embraced by a world of users. Join the skin care revolution!


  • Nov 19, 2015
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