Having flawless, beautiful, and wrinkle-free skin is something every woman wants, but if you ever had certain skin issues, you think that perfect skin is something you simply can’t have. That’s not true. Even if you had acne in the past, for instance, you can devote a bit more time to your skin, and after some period of time, you will notice the difference. There are some basic tips that can help you to achieve that goal, and to finally have beautiful and wrinkle-free skin.

When it comes to your skin, never be lazy

No matter how tired you are, properly wash your face, remove all the makeup residue, apply the toner, and the cream you usually use. It’s crucial to have a routine, and to stick to that routine. Please remember that this has to be done on a daily basis, even if your routine does not contain a lot of process by skipping toning, essence or other steps, you should still do the basic everything - Clean + Moisturize.

Eat fruits and vegetables, and drink a lot of water

You need to eat right, and you need to take enough vitamins daily, and there is nothing better than fresh fruits and vegetables. If your body is not hydrated, your skin won’t be either, which is why you should drink a lot of water every day.

Protect your skin from the sun

Aging of the skin is not the only reason why wrinkles appear. There are many other reasons, including over exposure to the sun, so you have to protect your skin properly. When possible, avoid the sun, and whenever you go out, use proper creams with SPF. Here is one useful suggestion. Since you probably use BB and CC creams, choose the ones that contain SPF, so you will not only cover the imperfections on your skin, you will also protect it. In case you don’t use BB and CC creams, there are creams formulated especially to protect your skin from the sun.

  • Oct 20, 2015
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Rebecca Roff November 22, 2015

I have just started using skin18 skin care. Its absolutely Wonderful. The texture of my face is amazing, doesn’t feel as dry, wrinkles are less noticeable, especially around the eyes. I don’t see myself changing this routine anytime soon, I LOVE skin18.

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