Sensitive skin is a common problem but still a complex condition which is associated with the modern lifestyle.  Sensitive skin means that it is easily inflamed and irritated especially when it is exposed to the antigen and the substance that the immune system may consider like a foreign body and it starts to produce the antibodies in order to fight it and in this way, it leads to the inflammation.

Sensitive skin had gained more attention as the result of the increased consumer experience and the reporting of the skin reaction to different beauty, cosmetic and personal care products.

The sensitive skin is not a type of skin since it related more at the underlying vulnerability of your skin.

There are reasons why the skin can be vulnerable to the skin triggers:

  • You may be suffering the skin condition like psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis and eczema. These conditions be reactive to most of the environmental triggers which include weather conditions, foods or personal care products
  • You may be having an injured or dry skin and this gives no barrier protection to the endings of the nerve which makes it to be vulnerable to the skin triggers.
  • Sensitive skin can be a result of too much exposure to cold, dry, wind and sun climates
  • Gender and age may play a role. Women report more about sensitive skin which may be because of being aware of their skin better or because of the complexity of the products that they like to use during their personal or beauty care regimens.

A sensitive skin does not mean that it is going to be different.  Even when you have a regular skin profiles, it may start to be sensitive over sometime and this is why there is an increase of cases of sensitive skin.

Using astringent-types of products which may shrink the tissue of the body and which impair the natural lipid protection for your skin, may lead to the sensation. When you use anything that may dry out your skin is going to increase the vulnerability of the skin to the triggers.  Occupational exposure to the chemical irritant may lead to highly reactive skin and it may result to the rashes that can be hard to get rid of.

Sensitive skins are personal experience according to how each individual experience it.  The reaction of a sensitive skin can range from just discomfort, a pickling burning, stinging sensation and a visible red or itchy skin rash.  It may also be the prolonged flare-up.

The level of your skin sensitivity may be a result of different factors but there are different things to be taken into account. The skin sensitivity to the triggers which were involved, the potency of the triggers which were involved and the duration of the contact to the trigger that causes the sensitivity. 

When you suffer skin sensitivity, you should not use the cosmetics or the products which burns. You should resist an urge of itching. You should not overuse the chemical exfoliant since it can lead to flakes.

  • Oct 02, 2015
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