Innovative Skin Formulations - Ampolue / Serum / Essence

The urge to live with a glowing skin is the foremost wish the Korean women are delving into. They believe in ‘prevention is better than cure’ theory therefore they do not apply a sunscreen after visualizing the hot red skin patch rather they apply it prior the deterioration. Koreans have introduced innovative formulations in different unit packaging which are easy to apply and far more effective than the western brands. Let’s try to understand the type and purpose of these amazing formulations.


Ampoule is the most sophisticated type of beauty product. It’s a bit expensive. It is a speedy option as it penetrates into the skin very fast. Makeup artist use them in bridal makeup. They are dispensed in vial to avoid oxidation of ingredients. Small glass ampoule contains botanical extracts and skin nutrients in various combinations .They are free of preservatives and are completely air resistant. To complement the masked gel formula with your skin rejuvenation use it with steam, while oil based ampoule is gently massaged over the face as moisturizer.

  • Break the ampoule and apply the ingredient with a gentle massage prior and after damping your face with a steam towel or steamer.
  • Apply mask on your face when the ampoule ingredients are still there to moisten your skin.
  • The method proceeds with the application of a mask and moisturizer respectively.


Serum is oil water based cosmetic formulation that contains the active ingredient in proportionally high amount. Ceramide and glycerin are good bases for serum ingredients which usually are vitamins or vegetables. They are usually sold as a gel paste like formulation. Good feature of serum is that they are now infused with silicon to reduce the extra greasy texture. Hydration and skin nourishment are the key benefits of every serum but usually they are used to treat specific skin problems

  • Clean your face with an appropriate cleanser, use a toner and let the skin damp.
  • Apply serum on your damp skin to penetrate the ingredients deeply.
  • Wait for few minutes and let the serum absorb.
  • Apply a refrigerated moisturizer for best result.


Essences are liquid formulation that readily absorbs in the skin layer to provide complete nutrition to your skin. It tones your skin and gives it a fresh look. They are light and thinner than serum formulations. They are applied after the toner to infuse hydration into your skin. The miracle ingredients like anti-oxidants, vitamins or fermented micro sized particles for an exceptional glow.

  • Sprinkle a splash on your finger and adroitly pat onto your facial area.
  • Let it absorb readily.
  • Follow a serum application and then moisturize it with a moisturizer.

Besides these amazing skin care products there are a lot more for specific purposes like eye cream, sunscreens, facial mask sheet, nail protector and a fresh air to breathe. The Koreans are bringing more revolutions in skin care with cleansing oils, overnight masks and cushion compacts.

  • Sep 16, 2015
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