Pricey ingredients and exotic skin care products are dominating the skin care market. Does price really matter? Are these products more effective than those ordinary hand creams or lotion we usually buy from our neighborhood store?

To analyze that the product really demands that price or not, some parameters have to be investigated. To know the real worth of these products,let’s delve into them and find out why to buy an expensive skin care product.

The ingredients:

The chief constituent of any skin care product is its active ingredient. Active ingredientsare responsible to treat your skin. The amount and nature of this ingredient produce the required effect .Some ingredients are really expensive and their amount definitely makes up the price value of the product. Consumers are switching to the natural ingredients now days. These natural ingredients do not cost a lot but it depends. Some natural ingredients are very rare while some of them need an extra effort to get extracted. These factors will add up the price of these ingredients.

These ingredients include those botanicals which are found hardlylike some creams are made of special and rare variety of roses.Many productsbellow to have precious metals like gold and platinum infusions in them that make the formulation expensive.

The process of extracting these ingredients sometimesadd theprice like essential oil extracts, both the process and the amount determine the price.

“Price alone has nothing to do with the strength and effectiveness of skincare products, commented Cheryl Burgess, MD, medical director at the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery in Washington, D.C. A drugstore mask or moisturizer can have the same concentrations of active ingredients as one from a department store or spa. But there is a correlation between the strength of a product and whether it's prescription or over-the-counter”

The Price:

The critics are constantly propagating that the price does not set the worth of a skin care product like any non-irritant productsis better than the one that contains peppermint, menthol, essential oils, eucalyptus, or other irritants, .Just because the product contain sophisticated natural products doesn’t mean that they are the best.

The Brand:

Some skin products are expensive for the sake of their brand. Though, the quality is of course top rated as the popular brands do not compromise on quality but still the name cost a lot. One should be watchful in deciding to purchase between the high-end productand budget-end product.

The formulations:

This could be understood by collagen preparations Collagen injections are considered as the best wrinkle treatment option. If collagen levels are surplus then skin remains firm and glowing while on the other hand if the level declines than the gaps are transformed into wrinkles. The collagen injections fill the gap temporarily, while less expensive collagen topical applications stimulates more collagen formation. Thus this low cost cream is far better than those expensive injections.

The debate is still continued, in some cases the expensive option really worth, otherwise going for an ordinary well –formulated preparation would be the best for you.

  • Aug 18, 2015
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JosephineWilliams August 21, 2015

What if user like me have no professional knowledge on mask ingredients? I believe many customers are like me, focus on price because we don’t know what does all ingredients means .:) good article by the way

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