Gone are the days when a slathering of cold cream was enough to shield your skin from the deteriorating elements. These days pick a skin care catalogue and you will find diversified skin care lotions. All boasting ingredients at promise to armor the damages prone to your skin. Most lotions cost a shell but do they really work?

 Have you checked the ingredient of your lotion? Many are unaware of what they are using and what and maybe your beauty supplies provider has been lying to you about the type of  product you are using but don’t worry, this easy and quick guide will help you to use the best type of lotion which is economical and effective

To use these lotions you have to know your skin type. The following tips will take you to your right product.

Combination skin:

This type of skin type comprises different zones of skin type. Somewhere oily and the other may be dry or maybe you have black heads or red patches.

People having this skin type really get confused about what to apply or use. They take supplies that may heal only for one type such as dry skin or oily skin and they may experience unwanted results but all you need for this type of skin are multipurpose lotions. Use the combination skin type lotions whose main aim is to absorb the amount of oil from oily zones and leave the zones which are dry by acting as a simple moisturizer. Use water based or oil free formulations.

Oily skin:

This skin kind is communal globally. This type of skin is manifested with large pores, thick texture and shiny complexion usually with black heads, Pimples or blemishes. Common lotions available are usually thick and greasy and are not suitable for the oily skin .  Special water based lotions are formulated to reduce the oil from this skin type. These formulations Include mint or other refreshing ingredients which absorb the excess oil from your skin and make it fresh and healthy and prevent over dryness .This s to ensure that your skin doesn’t look cracky and deserted. Cucumber juice elixir and light facial emulsions are the best option.

Dry skin:

Although that tight, panting feeling in the skin seems easier to care but this is the toughest type to deal with. A tender skin care routine can help make even the driest skin more supple and glowing. The drier your skin, the more hydrating ingredient your lotion or moisturizer should contain. Pick a product formulated with glycerin, hyaluronic acid or dimethicone .Use olive oil before going to bed.

The best suppliers for dry skin lotions are almond milk, honey, peaches, melon foaming. Dry skin are commonly found in Euro-Asian community and they prefer the best way To take care of their health and specially in healing their skin so these smooth and fresh ingredients will demolish their fear of skin over dryness as they also help to stop the skin being over dry. Crème de la Rose or Melon –peptide cream gels are the choice.

There are other skin types like sensitive skin or normal skin, each type has to be treated differently and the ingredients should be properly inspected before application.

  • Aug 23, 2015
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