What’s the correlation between the number 18 and our website/brand name SKIN 18? Well, if you’ve missed to read all about it in some of our previous articles or web pages, here it is one more time, for your eyes only. The very mission of the SKIN 18 is to ensure that its users and customers enjoy themselves in a flawless, perfect, and adorable skin of an 18-year-old girl or a boy. We’ve combined one simple word and one very indicative number, in order to draw your attention to the ultimate goal of any skin care beauty product or industry. Can this goal of traveling back in time for your skin really be achieved? Well, for the SKIN 18 it certainly can and should. How? With the help of miraculous and efficient Korean beauty solutions.

The Sleeping Beauty Awakes In Korea

Let’s admit it to ourselves. All of this time, we’ve been unforgivingly narrow-minded, when it comes to our skin care products and beauty industry solutions approach. We’ve missed decades, if not even the centuries, of rich and fascinating beauty tradition associated to the ancient Asia. Well, for what is worth, Korean skin care beauty philosophy is its biggest and shiniest crown jewel, for a reason. We’re talking about the unparalleled skin care beauty products, which are “borrowed” directly from the nature. In addition, we’re talking about the genuine approach and beauty philosophy of the Korean women exercised and applied on a daily basis.

The Beauty Paradise Lost

For most of you, who dare to believe that they know all there’s to know about the modern beauty industry, the following facts may come as a huge surprise. South Korea is one of the top world’s producers and consumers of the skin care and beauty products in general. An average Korean woman uses a dozen of various beauty products on a daily basis, at least. In addition, Korean women literally spend hours and hours in order to reach the ultimate perfection of their skin and 18-year-old youthful appearance. Have you ever wondered, why you can’t tell the exact age of Korean women? This is a mission impossible, even for the people, who live and work in South Korea. Thanks to Korean beauty industry, it’s possible to travel back in time, and claim your 18-year-old skin looks, one more time.

  • Aug 14, 2015
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