I still remember the day I walked into a new skin care boutique in Korea. I had heard much about the simplicity and effectiveness of Korean cosmetics. So, I decided to grab a foundation cream from the rows of products. As I hunted for the cream, looking lost, the store assistant glided  in to help, and asked for my skin type. I was taken aback, because I didn't know my skin type! I had always been content with the generic skin care products that  'suit all skin types'. The insightful information I learnt from the genial assistant has made me much wiser. Skin-wise, at least!

Finding your skin type is essential in order to make the correct decisions regarding the best skin care products to use and the most effective skin care regimen to follow. Though skin type is genetically coded, taking proper care of the longest organ of your body can help slow down your skin's aging process. There are four basic skin types - normal, dry, oily, and combination. There is a simple test to find your skin type.

After a good night's sleep, take a clean tissue and blot your face with it. Examine the tissue and classify your skin type.

  • Normal Skin: This type has good circulation of blood and there won't be any oily residue on the tissue. Normal skin is smooth, soft, and is evenly toned. Skin18 Natural Essence masks of orange, green gram, olives and Ginseng can work wonders on normal skin.
  • Oily Skin: This type of skin will leave distinct blots of facial oil on the tissue, especially from the cheeks, forehead, and nose. The sebaceous glands are overactive in oily skin. Hence, more oil than necessary is produced. Oily skin is caused by many factors - genetics, dietary habits, fluctuating hormone levels, stress, and use of unreliable cosmetics. Acne flare ups and enlargement of pores are common in oily skin. Cleansing the skin regularly with mild cleansers made of natural ingredients as in the Innisfree range of cleansers and toners is essential for oily skin.
  • Dry Skin: In this type, the level of sebum is low. Consequently, the oil content in the skin is also low. Dry skin is invariably flaky and feels stiff and tight after being wiped with the tissue. There will be no trace of visible oil. It is necessary to use a rich and protective moisturizer like Intensive care snail cream, Rose moisturizing cream and Soc 3D Beauty Serum face pack mask on dry skin to keep it soft through the seasons.
  • Combination Skin: The area around the forehead and nose is called the T-zone. In combination skin, oil is produced specifically In the T-zone. There will be oil blots in these areas. So, it is required to treat each of the regions separately in the combination skin type. Using Innisfree Green Tea serum and Balancing lotion can aid immensely.
  • Sensitive Skin: This is the type of skin is prone to get red after wiping with a tissue. This skin needs the most gentle and tender handling. Sensitive skin may be caused by allergies to specific things or due to certain skin conditions like eczema or other skin ailments. It is advisable to use only specific and gentle products like Aloe Vera soothing gel, Avocado Natural face pack and Skin repair BB cream on a sensitive skin.

Know your skin type and lavish it with the range of Skin18 skin care products for life!

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