Do we need eye cream? Why?

An eye cream can use around the sensitive and soft area near the eye. The skin near the eye is quite thin. An eye cream can use for many skin concerns near the eye.

Eye cream is necessary for

  1. Puffiness: Puffiness happens due to allergies, less sleep, stress, hormonal changes, alcohol, and improper diet. Eyes swell and become itchy. There is a sensation of irritation in the eyes. Excessive crying can also be a reason for puffiness in the eyes. Eye cream helps in reducing these symptoms and gives relief to the eyes.
  2. Dark Circles: Dark circles can make one look old. It leads to discoloration of the skin under the eyes. The area under the eye turns black. It can make one look unattractive and awful. Fatigue and lack of sleep are the major reasons for dark circles. Stress, alcohol, diet, etc. are some other reasons for people getting dark circles. Our eye cream gradually reduces the dark circles and makes your skin look young and beautiful.
  3. Fine lines: The thin and delicate skin near the eye shows signs of aging in the form of fine lines. An eye cream can moisturize the skin near the eye and reduce fine lines.

When to start using Eye cream

Eye cream is helpful for people with dry skin. An eye cream provides the required moisture to the skin and reduces skin problems like puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, etc. These problems arise due to the loss of moisture in the skin. Women can start using eye cream when they reach their teens and twenties. It should be used regularly to keep eye related skin problems at bay. The eye cream cannot work overnight. It takes time to show the results and should be routinely used, especially at night, before going to bed.

Do you need an eye cream?

Eye cream claims to reduce eye-related skin problems like puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, etc. All these are signs of aging. Eye creams help in lightening these symptoms, but one needs to be very patient as these creams take time to show results. Eye creams are expensive as they are considered anti-aging cream, but they do precisely the work that a moisturizer does. Eye creams, like a moisturizer, provide adequate moisture to the skin and make it look fresh and young. Also, there are many other ways to treat the symptoms of aging. Caffeine or cucumber can use to reduce swelling and puffiness. So it is entirely an individual choice whether to use an eye cream or moisturizer or both.


When selecting eye cream, it is suggested to get products that contain the anti-aging and skin-conditioning properties.  Natural products are strongly suggested as well.  Except purchasing in the market, you can also make your own eye-cream at home - check out our DIY4living session and learn how to make your own eye cream instead of buying expensive ones out there. 


  • Jul 17, 2015
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