‘Beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle’ and this commitment is fulfilled by a stepwise trudge. Covering the dark spot with make-up will not make them go away. You have to take special care of it.The ingredients of your skin care product are working beneath your skin to give you a perfect glow. This process is done in a strategic manner and if anything sprints the process, or the time span is not enough for the ingredients to work properly, then the skin care methodology shells.

Understanding the worth of stages

Compare it with a cooking recipe. You know the ingredients; you know how they taste after combination, but what if you alter the methodology of adding ingredients? In some cases it is ok if you are preparing the meal for the sake of hunger; but when it is the matter of accomplishment you have to follow the step by step procedure to let the ingredients blend into each other l. You can’t garnish the dish first and then boil it .In fact, it should be boiled initially to tender the added ingredients and later garnishing is sprinkled to make the dish elegant.

Same is the case of skin products where each and every ingredient has to get absorbed in various skin layers to produce their effect. The Korean researchers have stated that the ingredients are fermented before they are used in skin care. This increases the level of amino acids and antioxidants. AL though it is a very long process but these natural fermented ingredients helps in cell renewal Ingredients are broken down by metabolism and the micronized particles absorb expressly and eventually harmful toxics are removed.

You need the skincare step by step because the procedure line up processes, which has to be done one after other to enhance the effect of the previous one.

Stepping towards the skin care

  • Your skin should be clean prior any treatment. A water soluble cleanser removes dirt oil and makeup.
  • Toning is followed by cleansing ingredients in a toner hydrate and rejuvenate the skin surface after cleansing.
  • Next stage is the exfoliating stage where you use a scrub to remove the dead cells. This process demands a clean surface otherwise the dirt will irritate the skin during exfoliation
  • You can’t tone your skin without a prior cleaning because the germs and dirt on your face will also get absorbed with the toner.
  • Facial mask application is next in –line. Consider a mask applied before the cleansing procedure. The outcome will never be what you need as dirty skin never shines with glow.

The schemed ten steps of Korean skin care regimen are formulated on these logical procedures. The flow of the process includes makeup removal, cleansing, exfoliating, and toning, application of facial mask and moisturizer, eye cream following with night cream application

Step by step skin care does not ever meant that you have to throw extra cash on expensive salons, it’s simply reflects that skin care is a flow of procedures and if you want a splashing effect on your skin then get ready to take the first step.

Start by getting one set today - not one piece 

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