When it comes to cleaning your face or keep your skin healthy and fine, we are faced with the question as to what will be the best cleansing agent for our skin. There are various products available ranging from oil, creams, milk to foam. But the question arises as to what will be the best skin care product and which one shall be used in which situation? Let us go deeper into the question and try to find out the answers for ourselves.

Oil vs. Cream and Milk vs. Foam vs. Soap vs. Peeling Gel

Let us start with the comparison of two products first with similar qualities and then come to the final comparison. It’s suggested that oils can be used for skin which are generally dry and help in retaining moisture in it as well as give the nurture what skin demands and make it more youthful. Creams also do similar things but advantage of cream over oil is the fact that oil cannot be readily used on oily or in some cases normal skin but creams can be used for all types of skin depending on its composition and the part of face where it is applied.

Milk is known from times immemorial to be the best cleansing agent among the various cleansing products and delivers the essential nutrients to one’s face and skin to keep it youthful and blemish free. Foam has recently entered the market challenging the dominant positions of various cleansers and have given ample evidence of cleansing your face as well as fight off bacterial infection.

Soap cleanser has been used for years and it is usually for people with oily skin at the beginning, but there are new soaps in town today that which are made with 100% organic ingredients which means using the natural material to wash your face which is very suitable for all skin types even with skin that has problems such as pimples, acne, etc.  Soap cleanser nowadays are different than those in the pasted and it is definitely worth a try.

Peeling Gel is a kind of cleanser that instantly wash and roll away your dead skin on your face.  They are not masks, not peels but exfoliants that can literally peel off all the “bad” dead skin.

Who is the winner?

It’s hard to decide as to which product will be the best for your skin and whether anyone can serve as the cure all for all types of skin issues and the different skins one come across. But depending on the comparisons one can say that creams more or less can encompass the essential properties of all the products discussed and deliver the essential nutrients to one’s face as well as filter out the dirt accumulated in the pores and retain a youthful and blemish free face.

Where do you stand?

It’s natural that opinions will always differ from person to person and whether anyone would like the suggestion of using creams as cleansing agents for your face but the important question to ponder is what does your skin want? If it’s something which doesn’t react well to any of the four or has varying levels of reaction to these products, then a dermatologist can give the final callas to which one can help you the best and prescribe products suited to your needs. So it is all open to interpretation as to which is the best but whatever you choose make sure it agrees with your skin.

Oil Cleanser


Cream & Milk Cleanser


Foam Cleanser

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Soap Cleanser

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Peeling Gel


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