Let’s face it. We all want to get the best possible deal for our money. There’s nothing wrong about it. The same principle can be found in both corporate and an individual level. You can write the whole book about a problem of reaching the satisfying balance between the most optimal quality and the most affordable price, and you still won’t be able to solve this problem. However, in this particular case we’re talking about cosmetic addicts, who primarily go after the price itself, rather than the ingredients. Why is this so important? Doesn’t all come down to the price, eventually?

A Cry Buy In Cosmetics


Do you know what a-cry-buy situation is? When you buy something quickly, and then regret it deeply. This is called a cry buy. In all cases, almost with no exceptions, a cry buy is a direct result of someone’s decision to give the absolute priority to the price over all other things, including the quality itself. For example, you’ve acquired a cheap smartphone. You’re thrilled and you can’t wait to try it. Unfortunately, you discover very soon that a camera or memory capacity are not in a complete accordance with your expectations. Who’s to blame? You were completely blinded by the attractive price that you completely forgot to check the basic features.

The same thing can happen when you buy beauty products. However, in this particular case the consequences can be much more serious and even devastating. Why? Well, for what is worth, you can survive with a smartphone, which doesn’t give you all what you hoped to use, when you bought it. You can buy yourself a new, better one. Nevertheless, we have to ask you a simple question. Can you buy yourself a new face? Can you afford yourself a luxury of gambling with your health and good looks? There are so many other fields, where you can make substantial and justified savings, but a beauty product is definitely not among them. Is it all the same to you, which ingredients are going to go through your skin and become a part of your organism?

In cosmetic industry the high price isn’t always the best indication that you’ll get the top quality. Yet, it’s also true that “suspiciously” affordable prices of certain beauty products should be the first warning sign for you. Ask yourself what they’re trying to hide behind these eye-catching prices? Why a list of ingredients includes such small letters that you have to use a microscope in order to read it? When it comes to the beauty products be careful what you’re going to choose, because you have so much to lose. Right?

omes to the beauty products be careful what you’re going to choose, because you have so much to lose. Right?

  Example: Grinif Galactomyces Treatment Toner VS SKII Rice Water Toner

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  • Jun 19, 2015
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