You may notice that most Asian skin care routine includes layers and layers of products that are applied on a regular basis. This routine is followed religiously by those who wanted to achieve a natural, healthy looking, and well – hydrated skin that is seen in most of the Asian people.

Then came all the different products Asian people include in their skin care routine. Cleanser, toner, moisturizer – name it, they have it. But “Serum/Essence/Ampoule”? What are those? Why does it seem so complicated? Why does Asian skin care seem a bit complicated? Should I buy all that is listed and use them regularly?

For someone who has been too lazy to buy and, actually, use different skin care products on a daily basis, you would probably be battling in your mind which skin care product would give the most benefit your skin needs. The three skin care products mentioned earlier are also known as “concentrated liquid skin actives”. They contain the richest and highly concentrated ingredients in a liquid or gel form, which tends to be quickly absorbed by the skin. Read on until the end to have an idea on the differences of the three skin care products I mentioned above.

  • AMPOULE: Among the three, this contains the lightest texture. Meaning, it penetrates into the skin faster and provides the fastest result within a short period of time. Also, this has highly enriched nourishment which aids in fighting against early signs of skin aging, wrinkling and drying.
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  • ESSENCE: This is generally more watery and light feeling on the skin, and is made out of extraction of natural ingredients. It is usually of lower concentration as compared to serums and ampoule, yet it delivers most of the concentration deep into the skin.
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  • SERUM: This has thicker texture than the essence, and it contains higher concentration of ingredients. Since this has thicker consistency, it tends to need a bit more time for it to be fully absorbed by the skin.
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  Generally, these three is used for specific purposes. It can be for prevention on early signs of skin aging, or for whitening of the skin. It can also be used to treat and prevent acnes or blemishes to the skin. Most Asians include at least one of these three to pamper and treat their skin. Just look at how healthy and glowing their skin is! Overall, these three are the same in helping the skin get the nourishment it needs, yet they differ in the amount of concentration and the consistency or texture each of them has. Whatever you choose to incorporate in your skin care routine mainly depends on what you think would be most beneficial for you, and what your skin really needs. Treat yourself right and it will make you feel beautiful and pretty both inside and out.
  • Jun 17, 2015
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