We are all concerned about our well-being and especially when it comes to looking good, most of us don’t leave any stone upturned. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep our skin healthy which is an essential part of looking beautiful.

We do hear a lot about different skin care products and how fast they can get results for you, but recently there is a new wave in the skin care market brought by Asian skin care products which have a wide variety to choose from and for different skin types.

Different Parts of Asian Skin Care Regimen


CLEANSER/FACEWASH: When we start with any Skin care product we cannot leave out cleansers as they prepare the skin to endure any skin treatment and make sure that your skin is blemish free once you remove make up.  This is an important step because your skin needs to be totally cleaned up and get ready for the rest of the absorbing process.  There are oil-base, cream-base, foam-base and even milk-base; our writer will do research to test on all and discuss about it on later post.

TONER: Second is the use of toner which carries the purpose of restoring skin's pH balance after a face wash. There are different toner available in the market, but it’s always best to go for the organic or herbal product as they contain chemicals from natural sources and will not harm your skin in the long run and also help you in retaining that youthful and natural skin which we are proud of.  Early generation of toner carried alcohol as its main ingredient which was not acceptable by many users, toners on the market nowadays are more mature developed and moderate for all skin types.  A well known toner used "Rice Water" as base from SKII (Japanese skincare) was the talk of the town for many years.

SERUM/ESSENCE/AMPOULE: Third is the use of exfoliates. These are a special class of substances which help in peeling of dry or dead layers of epithelial (or skin cells, generally speaking) and make our skin livelier.

SKIN/LOTION: Forth step is the use of Skin or Lotion, a question might come up to your mind - What is it's different than cream?  Honestly, most skin care products from the list carry only one purpose which is to keep moisture from drying out at the outer layer of your skin.  Lotions and creams work the same way at different levels - oil base, water base or both. MASK/SLEEPMASK: Fifth is putting facial masks on your face, which helps in removing excess dirt or oils in our skin and prevents our skin from being too greasy to touch. But as its extremely drying it’s mainly advised for oily skin. But in Asian markets there are sheet masks which tend to be quite gentle and have proved useful even on dry skins and other skin conditions.  This Facial Mask process can also be used immediately after Toner process which is suggested by most skincare factories.

EYE TREATMENT: Sixth is your eye area which there are no ground rules for which type to use as there are so many in the market.  For example, eye serum will function similar to eye cream, eye cream might not be as strong as an eye mask; they all have the same ingredients that aresoft enough for your eyes.  

MOISTURIZERS/CREAM: Seventh step is use of moisturizing cream. It’s used mainly to keep your skin moist and retain its glow and also prevents your skin from drying up and exposing your skin to any dehydration.

SUNCARE/BB+CC CREAM: Last but not the least is protection of skin. Sunscreens mainly come under this class which claims to protect our skin from harmful UV rays and prevents any cell damage or sunburns.  Korean BB cream and CC cream usually carry sun block function which is a perfect last step of your routines.

MIST:  Do not forget to keep your skin moist's level by spraying enough mist to your face, this is very important!! Remember, face mist will not ruin your makeup because they are not just water and they are not for washing off makeups, so use them. These are some of the steps involved in Asian skin care which promise to retain your natural skin glow and beauty and also come easy on one’s pocket. Bear in mind that guidelines above and many out there are not stringent and can be modified as per one’s needs, try to swap around the process for your own needs.

  • Jun 16, 2015
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