How many times so far, you’ve wished for a gigantic sprinkler next to your office or in the middle of a street, you can simply run through during the hottest days of summer? Luckily for us, there are quite a few innovative boys and girl in the cosmetic industry, who still haven’t given up on their childhood dreams. Therefore, don’t give up, you can still find yourself a sprinkler of your dreams. The catch is, nowadays it comes under a different name – the fact mist. This beauty product can easily turn out to be your skin’s MVP (most valuable player) during the melting summer days. How?

Feel The True Moist Power Anytime And Anywhere

You overheated and irritated skin can certainly strongly appreciate the gentle and revitalizing delicate touch of a quality face mist. If we’re to say that a face mist is a modern day’s toner, we aren’t going to make a mistake, at all. When used as sprays, the face mists can influence your skin’s pH adequate balance restoration and an invaluable increase of the optimal hydration levels. The beneficial effects of your face mist don’t stop here. We shouldn’t forget to mention anti-wrinkle effects, as well. With the right choice of a face mist, you can actually fight a beauty war on two sides. On the one side, you’ll be able to ensure the recommended moisturizing levels for your skin, while on the other side, you can successfully fight wrinkles and optimize the whitening components of your skin.

Don’t be surprise to see a man using face mist which is very popular in Asia area, other than Korea, men from Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and many other countries from the east are in love with Face Mist.  It is not a women’s privilege and it is also a men thing.

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Don’t Miss Face Mist

Although, face mists are most effective during a summer, when your heat-troubled skin literally cries for help, it would be wrong to think that they can’t be used in the winter, as well. Regardless of the period of a year you’re planning to use a face mist, there are two keywords you should have on your mind all the time: absorption and moisturizing. That’s why a spray form proves itself one more time to be the most optimal for face mists. Nevertheless, if you choose a spray to be your primary choice, you shouldn’t neglect the golden rule in this case. Don’t allow yourself a harmful luxury of allowing a mist to dry on your skin. Why? Well, it’s actually quite simple. In addition, you can rest assured that this word of advice is strongly supported by the most distinguished skin therapists and leading international dermal institutes all over the world. What’s the reason? The inevitable process, which occurs when the water dries on your skin, is that through the evaporation some of your existing moisture levels are decreasing, as well. So, keep that in mind while using the face mists, will you?

  • Jun 16, 2015
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