Top 10 Asian Skin Care Tips

Every skin care tip is worth of your time and consideration. Especially, if it comes as a result of someone’s first-hand experience. Yet, what would you say, if we were to present you with the special kind of tips, which are borrowed from the centuries long experience of stunningly beautiful Asian women? Then, we are already talking about the “ten-skincare-commandments”, you need to learn by heart and exercise daily, with no exceptions.

  • Makeup Removal For Asian Women Is Almost A Religious Experience
When it comes to a makeup removal, then Asian women take all the time in the world. This is a special moment, when you clean both your skin and your thoughts. If you want to achieve top results, then it’s highly recommended to use a couple of hundreds of face masks in a single year. Luckily for you, because of the reasonable prices, you can certainly afford as many Korean face masks as needed. 
  • Dozens Of Layers – An Average Of Up To 20 Products

Did you know that an Asian woman uses an average of almost 20 different products for their skin care treatments? This doesn’t mean that all Asian women are rich, but rather that they truly understand the importance of additional layers for your proper skincare.

  • Your Skin Likes To Exercise Too
You don’t have to hire a professional massage to stimulate your facial blood circulation. You can do it all by yourself, but you have to make it sure you do it regularly on a daily basis.
  • Your Ringer Finger For A Perfect “Blinker”
Because the skin around your eyes is so delicate and sensitive, you should use your most “thoughtful” ring finger. There’s a reason for it. Try it for yourself.
  • Warm Up Your Hands To Improve The Absorption Of Your Moisturizer
This simple advice can have a profound impact for your daily skincare efforts. What’s the best way to warm up your hands before you apply a moisturizer? Well, use your imagination.
  • Don’t Forget Your UV Umbrella
Even if you don’t plan to walk next to the sea, make sure your skin is protected with a UV product. The sun doesn’t favor no one. 
  • Public Enemy #1 – Dehydration
Preventing your skin from dehydration means that you’re already halfway there, one breath away from your goal – a perfect and irresistible skin.
  • Days & Nights – Your Skin Always Fights
You shouldn’t allow yourself a luxury of forgetting to use a night mask. Your skin needs a proper care day and night.
  • Every Sleeping Beauty Sleeps A Lot
No matter how powerful and expensive your beauty products are, if you don’t sleep enough you’re risking to diminish all positive results.
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