5 skin care tips that you didn't know

No matter how much you know about the skin care, there is always a room for something new. For many innovative skin care ideas, we should thank Koreans, since they are taking the skin care and all cosmetic products to a whole new level. Learning new tricks and tips is always useful, because when learning, you will figure out what’s good for your skin, and what’s not. Most importantly, everything you learn will take you one step closer to the flawless skin you deserve to have.

It’s never too early for you to start an anti-aging routine.

You’ll often hear all kinds of advices about when to start the anti-aging routine. Actually, it’s never too early, but the most important thing is not to be obsessed with it. Choose the products according to the type of your skin.

Eye cream

The skin around your eyes is very gentle and sensitive area, which means you should pay special attention to it. Many ladies make a mistake, applying one same cream to their entire face, including the eye area. The much better solution is to get the eye cream, because the skin around your eyes is different than the skin on the rest of your face. Simply tap the cream, and it will be absorbed easily. The effect will be astonishing, because the skin around your eyes will be firm and youthful.

BB cream

If you are using foundation on a daily bases, you can probably feel how your facial skin cannot breath, and how heavy the foundation really is. Maybe it’s time for a change. If you have never tried BB cream before, you should definitely do so. BB cream, one of the most popular Korean products is used for both; makeup and the cream that will nourish your skin. You will be able to cover any flaws you might have on your face, but your pores won’t clog, and your skin will be hydrated and refreshed. After a while, your skin will look much better in general. Great, isn’t it?

Power of natural ingredients

When choosing facial masks, cleansers, or any other skin care product, select the ones made from natural ingredients. These products do not contain irritants, but most importantly, they are full of vitamins that will nourish your skin, make it smooth, firm and youthful. Once you change your approach, and start using a product with natural ingredients for your home facial treatments, instead the once with chemicals, your skin will look amazing.


You probably have heard for another powerful product that is a must not only in Korea but all over the world – ampoules. Ampoules are a bit stronger than essences and serums, and they are used as a boosters. If you are struggling with the tired looking skin, there is nothing better and more efficient than the ampoules. You’ll notice the change instantly, and you’ll completely understand why ladies all around the world are going crazy about it. Skin18 is here to deliver all the skin care products you need, so you can have beautiful and smooth skin.

  • Jun 11, 2015
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Mariyam A March 25, 2016

I can’t live without my BB cream! Nice post :)

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