How to select the right SKINCARE product?

Once confronted with an overwhelming abundance of available skincare products, no wonder you feel completely lost and confused. How to know which skincare product is your perfect match? You don’t have time to experiment. You don’t have money to waste. So, what are you supposed to do in order to choose your right skincare solution? SKIN 18's Founder has prepared a list of invaluable tips you’re free to choose from or combine.


7 life saving tips for your SKIN?

  • In order to win, you need to know your skin – The more you know about your own skin, the bigger are the chances that you will exactly what you need. Begin with the simple things, such as your skin’s sensitivity, moisture, quality, and similar.
  • Avoid miraculous and super-fast solutions – We understand that you’re under a constant pressure of the aggressive and annoying ads, which promote miraculous skincare solutions. All of us can easily fall into a temptation to try one or more of these so-called super-fast products. However, the bitter truth is that the only thing that is going to disappear miraculously is only your money.
  • Set your objectives – It is of crucial importance that you set a realistic objective you want to achieve with a certain skincare product. This also includes a realistic time frame. Otherwise, you can end up being trapped in a loop of endless disappointing expectations, which can never become true when and how you wanted them to be.
  • Plan your skincare products budget – How much money you’re planning to spend for a specific skincare product? Although, this may seem like a trivial question to ask, you can rest assured that a surprising number of women sooner or later hit a wall of their financial possibilities.
  • Always look for the reviews – Nowadays, you can find your best girlfriend online. Don’t be ashamed to look or even ask directly for the first-hand reviews and opinions about the skincare products you are about to buy. At the same time, you should be also fully aware that too-good-to-be-true reviews with no single negative opinions can be nothing more than a careful constructed trap for your money and time.
  • Listen to what Mother Nature has to say – Almost each and any skincare product you get in contact with claims that it has a direct contact with the 100% natural ingredients. There is no way you can know that for sure. Therefore, you should look for the skincare product with a long and rich tradition. That is the best guarantee you can possibly get in this industry.
  • Consult skincare professionals – It is always a wise choice to knock at some skincare professional door. At the same time, you have to make sure that a person you’re to trust him or her with your skin wellbeing is not on some cosmetics manufacturer’s pay list as a promoter.

What can SKIN18 do for your SKIN?

Our team is well trained with basic care needs and ready to assist 24/7 and ease your troubles and save you time, when making a choice of the most suitable skin care product for your goals.

  • Jun 08, 2015
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