What is Pore Problem and how to avoid it

What is Pore Problem and how to avoid it

Pore problem is when open or even large pores form on one’s skin. They lead to acne as well as blackheads, mostly for those individuals who have skin that is oily. The pore problem arises when excess sebum, and also dirt plus bacteria clogs ones pores.

When the skin has prolonged sun exposure then also open pores can occur as this exposure harms the collagen therefore limiting the elasticity of ones walls of the precise pore canals. Open pores also become worse as one becomes older. This is because the skin’s elasticity is also being reduced. Pore problem arises also due to genetics, stress, as well as a skin care routine that is poor.

Hormones regulate ones oil glands which form the sebum that moves precisely through the lining of every pore . It then comes onto ones face. When ones oil production is normal, the oil will be able to flow in an easy way through ones pore lining and then out of the precise pore , and then going over ones skin’s surface. Pore problems come when ones oil glands tend to produce a lot of oil. The extra oil then combines with various other substances like dead skin cells within the pore thereby developing a clog. This clog does not let the oil be able to flow in a free way resulting in the pore enlarging.

Despite the fact that the pore increases in size so that the oil can flow out, it has been noticed that the oil still experiences becoming trapped where dead skin cells are present. When this happens then the material present where the clog has ended becomes exposed to air, leading to it oxidizing and making a blackhead appear.

To avoid this problem occurring one can do several things. You need to not employ skin-care products which clog pores as well as lead to the oil glands forming extra oil. To do this you should stay far from products which are very emollient, i.e. thick as well as greasy creams. Even avoid those products which have an extreme creamy texture, like many moisturizers.

Stay away from products which contain drying as well as irritating ingredients. This is due to the fact that irritating products encourage more oil production to occur directly inside the pore.

Try to utilize gentle plus water-soluble cleansers. Try and not use bar soaps. It has been seen that drying cleansers tend to harm one’s skin’s healing process leading to red marks that occur due to blemishes, to stay for more time. Cleansers that lead to irritation may stimulate extra oil production. The ingredients which are able to let the bar soap stay as a bar may clog pores. Try to utilize a salicylic acidexfoliant that should be in gel or even liquid form, containing no extraneous irritating ingredients.

You can use clay masks that are able to absorb oil. They should not have ingredients which are irritating. Oil-absorbing products which one can wear under their makeup are also present and are worth trying out. Try and employ products which contain much antioxidants as well as cell-communicating ingredients that aid in healing skin plus limiting wrinkles.

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Jadirah Sarmad June 12, 2016

This has been a struggle for me and I found your post helpful! :) x

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