Why we moisturize our face

Why we moisturize our face


Why Facial Skin Needs Moisture?

The Skin has its own story to tell, narrating about the layers it composed of, the temperature, the defense against enemy and the beauty. Turning the pages to a chapter of moisturizing of skin we get to know that the skin’s own moisturizer-- The sebum -- is produced by sebaceous glands that are located just beneath each hair follicle. Sebum collect dead skin cells and dirt, guards us against microorganisms via its own natural moisturizer .The question is that then why we need an external moisturizer?

How Moisture is lost from our skin

When we wash our faces, we peel off the natural coatings of moisturizer making your skin an easy target for antigens and pathogens. It also exposes the skin to irritating, aging culprits and even painful sensations making it the choice of target for pollutants and cigarette smoke. It’s better to wash your face with a face wash that retains moisture and apply moisturizer night after the washing.

The consequences of lost moisture:

We have discussed about the skin’s own physiology of producing moisture oil. These components help to fight against skin damaging agents. Think if the moist coating is removed from any surface what might happens? The cracks on the surface inviting pathogenic organisms to enter. Building of scars and elongated fissures. Your skin become dry and brittle as water will easily evaporates from the skin under layers .This could be harmful for the other skin airs that are doing their job under the stratum corneum shield.The epidermis contains approximately 30 percent water and lipids .Removal of these elements will leave your skin as you can imagine a dry unpainted cracked wall.  

Choosing the right Moisture for your skin:

While choosing a right moisturizer you have to consider two things, one that how often you have to apply tit on your skin .considering the type of skin and the environment you have to pick your moisturizer, secondly the type of skin you have. There are few tips to sect your moisturizer

  • Cream is a good option for normal skin as it has thick consistency and remain well on the skin
  • Mild lotions can be applied on the combination kin as this formulation feed the both types of skin
  • Creams or other concentrated formulations should be applied on dry skin because the sebum is not as active as in other skin type
  • For oily skin lotions and serums are preferred because our skin own physiology s moisturizing you enough.

Moisturizers and Korean skin care:

Korean skin care products are the most reliable skin care products used globally .Skin18 is presenting excellent and reliable skin care products that help you moisturize the skin with added benefits. Some of the amazing moisturizer from skin 18 gallery for supple and healthy skin is as follows.

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