Women appear to age faster than Men of the same age?

Women age faster

There is not an absolute answer to this question. In the reality, special circumstances related to biological processes, genetic and lifestyle may affect the aging process and make one or another look older. In the last decades, it has been seen that women are more aware of taking care of themselves adding skin care routines and healthier lifestyles that contribute to balance their aging path.  Some biological and hormonal changes, like menopause and pregnancy effects, that were affecting women´s appearance at old ages, are now being balanced with proper care.  Knowledge about human body functioning has increased, and it helped women and men to improve their patterns.


Aging is a complex process that includes external signs like changes in the skin such as wrinkles, dryness and loss of elasticity.  Internally it might include some non visible diseases, and psychological changes like negative attitudes, variation in the moods, lost of confidence and some others.  At this point, alternatives for every have been developed.  Science and technology offer great treatments for internal and external signs


Substances like collagen, hyaluronic acid and hormones normally decrease in the menopause years.  Women can prepare their bodies for that moment adding healthy life style routines and taking care of their skin.  Exercise, nutrition and facial treatments are extremely helpful.  In this sense, adding additional dosages of collagen and hyaluronic acid are some of the best options.  In the past only professionals were able to apply these dosages, but now, more alternatives are available and women can access them at their own homes.  Wrinkle MD offers advanced technology treatments with a Deep Infusion System specially created to assure that the acid is absorbed by the body.  It is available for eye and brow wrinkles, as well as smile lines.


If you see around, it is obvious how women have improved their appearance in the youth.  What it may also say, is that they are getting prepared to older years too. Avoiding bad nutrition, tobacco, alcohol and a sedentary life, are among those desirable habits that contribute to guarantee that they will age properly at the same level and speed than men.  It is not necessary to wait to start the aging process because facial treatments and creams are available to prepare your skin for the future.

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