Korean Skincare like to use MEN model for promotion

Korean Skincare like to use MEN model for promotion

It is very common for skin care products to base their range of products on females in history. If you were to think of it, most adverts and packages will feature a female model. And this automatically leads to the conception that those products are being targeted to women. However, in reality there are many skin care products that are specifically made for men.

This especially apply to the trendy Korean Skin Care products.  Male skin care products will have taken into account the fact that many men place importance on their skin’s health, and they want to take care of it just as much as a woman would.

As a result, there are a good number of Korean skincare products that have opted to feature male models on their skin care products’ packaging, as well as in their adverts and promotions.

On skin18.com you will be able to see a good number of skin care products that are ideal for male customers of all ages. For instance, the Forencos masks have a male model featured on their adverts and on the packaging. One can easily notice the smoothness of the skin of this male model, who is featured on each sheet mask, which in this case is made from natural ingredients, and there is one for every day of the week.

There are masks for regeneration, skin brightening, improved skin elasticity, increased moisture and for detox, for example. All of these aspects are equally important for females as well as for men.

This highlights the fact that many males can also have that same smooth, beautiful skin if they make use of such skin care products. It also helps to put a stop to the traditional conception that skin care products are just for women, which is certainly not the case at all.

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