In korea, Men and Women use the SAME skin care products!

Skin care has been around for a long time, but Koreans have proved to the world that they rule the roost. Indeed, Korean skin care products are not becoming popular across the world because Koreans seem to age rather slowly when compared to people from other parts of the world and such benefits can be directly attributed to the skin care products painstakingly identified over several hundred years. BB cream, for example, is one such skin care product that has shaken up the foundations of skin care methods because it combines moisturizer, skin whitening agents, and foundation in a single cream.

Most of the skin care products include perfume in them. Traditionally, men wear different perfumes than women. Thus men’s skin care products would be different from those worn by women. But in Korea that is not true. Skin care products used by men are the same as those used by women.  And most of these products are the same because the basic ingredients are the same. After all, the skin of men needs as much protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays as the skin of women, and moisturizers and cleansers are needed for skins of men as well as women.  In such cases, the fragrance incorporated in the product is a unisex perfume.

The Korean beauty industry has realized the futility in targeting different genders with different products. Therefore, most of the skin care products offered here are not target marketed to either one of the genders. The packaging costs also come down, because products for women are often packaged differently.

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