A man using men's skin care or women's skin care?

A man using men's skin care or women's skin care?

Is it true that all skin care for men and women contain similar ingredients?

Before we go to that part, let’s find out how a man skin differs from woman’s.

While our skin anatomy may not be the same for each person but for each gender, there is quite a differences from the hormonal system, pH levels and other stuffs you may not be aware of.

Let see where this leads, shall we?

  • Man has thicker skin than woman

Due to the testosterone hormone, a man’s skin is considered heavier. This is why, a man needs an extra formulation for their skin care so the skin is able to absorb effectively. From cleansers to moisturizers, many facial treatments for men are formulated to enable deeper penetration in the skin layers.

  • Man produces more sebum

During the puberty, a man produces sebum – with bigger amount than women’s. Due to hormonal issues, a man’s skin is actually prone to acnes because it is oily. You will find some men have blackheads on the T area due to the excessive oil production. A man’s skin care regime has to include oil fighting formula that will not clog pore and keep the skin blemishes away.

  • High collagen

Lucky men! They have higher intensity of collagen. This means that their skin age more slowly than woman. Also, you will find they have few wrinkles than a woman with the same age! However, this does not mean that a man doesn't have to care for their skin. Still, they need to protect the skin from sun exposure and harmful UV Rays.

  • More activities

Whether it’s work or hobby, men spend more time outdoor than women do. This is also the reason why a man in his 50s is prone to melanoma and other skin disease. The long exposure under the sun may cause premature aging and worse, skin cancer. The problem is that man’s skin have less antioxidant. It’s necessary to apply higher SPF for sun cream or other products especially formulated for active men.

  • More sensitive

Due to the beards and stuffs, men tend to shave once a week and causes grooming problem such as acnes or irritation. This is why they need a daily routine to get rid of the issues. For instance, shaving cream and toner – two essential equipments to keep skin problem away.

Noticing these differences, there must be different formulation when creating skin care products for both, men and women. It’s important to buy the right products that suit your needs instead of believing the myth that men can use women’s skincare products.

A guy may be just showering and shaving, but with the skin complexion difference from women, (and not to mention, thicker) – a man should now be concerned about his grooming care based on their skin type.

Now, it’s time to store some skincare products of your own instead of sharing it with your woman!

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