Would it be OK for men to use women's skincare products? 100% YES!!!

Would it be OK for men to use women's skincare products? 100% YES!!!

Would it be OK for men to use women's skincare products?

Men and women have some differences and some similarities in all the aspects of their life. Despite of those differences, it has been determined that skin care products may be equally used in both genders and be effective; the way that the skin absorbs and process the products seems to be the same. When it refers to take care of the skin, it is important first to consider some relevant aspects before determining if they really can use the same type of products or not.

Physical functions and Different parts of the body

The first things that should be considered are the parts of the body and the way they function.  Although the way to absorb lotions and other ingredients are similar for men and women, each part of the body may present a different need because, such as:

  • The way it produces oil, sweat and sebum.
  • The presence of body hair
  • Different level of production of collagen
  • Thicker skin of men
  • Presence of high subcutaneous fat in women that origins cellulite
  • Acne
  • Hormonal levels

Analyzing the above mentioned aspects, reveals that both genders have all the characteristics either in different level or appears in a different stage of life. These aspects don´t create a different way to absorb products, but may have influence with the right time they should be used. For instance, acne may be present in both genders, but in men it seems  to prevalence longer time after it appears; body hair has a stronger presence and thicker skin are higher in men but it doesn´t imply that skin conditions are different.  The only major difference is the presence of body fat in women that brings cellulite which excludes men of the care and treatments to control it.


If there is something where majority of the people agree is that men and women have different lifestyles.  Some of those differences, such as nutritional needs, are brought because biological issues, but many others like sport activities are more psychological or personal choices than real aspects of the personality.  None of these aspects have been found as a difference in the way that the skin absorbs the skin care products.

Personal preferences

Personal preferences are just as they sound, only personal and they do not affect in any way how a skin reacts to the products.  As humans, either men or women have personal preferences developed around their life experiences.  They may include certain types of fragrances, textures or colors and presentations.  In this sense, the skin care market has been traditionally oriented to women because they were the users, but as the men progressively start to use them, cosmetics firms are developing new ways to attract men to their products.  Changing packages, textures or fragrances to make the products more pleasant to men tastes do not affect in any way the product or the way it reacts in both genders.

After considering all these aspects, it results obvious that men and women can use the same products to take care of their skin, but it is important that men will have to learn how to choose them according to their own needs and personal preferences as women have done for many years in the past.

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