Save your Face, Save his face

Save your Face, Save his face


Yes, it is with you girls! Save your face, but don´t forget to save his face too!  Those years when only women took care of their faces are over.  Now a lot of men also realized they can access skin care products for their faces and they are going after them. They know they deserved them too. Beauty is not only for women anymore.  Fashion trends and everyday life is demanding that men, young and adults, improve their appearance. Even women are demanding a better and neater appearance when it comes to choose their partners. 

Those days of careless manly man are coming to an end. As women have a long tradition of taking care of their complexions, they have still a clear advantage on how to select and apply them, but as you know more, you should try offering them some help to teach them how to save their faces so they can reach older years with a fresher and wrinkle free complexion and you both, men and women, may enjoy the esthetics advantages of it.

Encourage him to try:

If you have a partner, a brother, a father or just a roommate o closer boyfriend, do not hesitate to encourage them to try some of your own products.  When it comes to women and men complexions there are not important differences on how the products affect the complexion.  Men only need to find their type of skin in order to find the products that fit better for them. But as you probably already know, some care is better than no care at all, and any little amount of product that he applies, will allow him to experiment the first benefits of taking care of his complexion.   Free samples of products like “Ben & Sera Water Drop Moisture Cream” or “Four Season Red Ginseng White Clean Active Mask” with a whitening (brightening) function, may let him experience first class benefits of taking care of the complexion.

Train him:

If you already made him try or if he already has tried some products on his own, do not hesitate to teach some lessons about how properly select and use the products.  Sometimes may be shy or may be overwhelmed about all the information available in the market. Your help may result a very valuable asset for them.

Update him about the latest products and trends:

Men are not used to get updated about the constant innovation and technology advances in skin care, so you should let them know about it too.  Start with as simple as moisturizersfacial mask and a variety of cream are constantly evolving.  For instance, you can find that initial moisturizer where basic formulas, but now you can found an important variety according to your needs and skin type.  Some advanced formulas like “Grinif vitamin ace H2O moisture cream” containing Hyaluronic acid or “Etude House Moist full Aloe Soothing Mist” containing Aloe Vera and presented in spray may represent extremes of it.   New products as facial sheet masks with a wide range are also a clear example.

And remember, that with all these help, you will also get benefited, by having better looking men around you!


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